GetYourGuide makes second acquisition, snaps up iGottaGuide

GetYourGuide is flexing its business development muscles once again after agreeing to buy the assets of peer-to-peer activity service iGottaGuide.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but essentially the Berlin-based GetYourGuide has snapped up the product listings and some other assets from the wound-down iGottaGuide (TLabs here).

The idea is that GetYourGuide will be able to bolster its position in a number of key North American marketplaces where iGottaGuide had achieved some nominal traction.

iGottaGuide co-founder Keith Petri wrote about his challenges with building the business in December 2012 (Another travel startup story: Why iGottaGuide failed), highlighting how the small team struggled with resources, positioning, and more.

The two-man iGottaGuide co-founding team of Petri and Michael Griffiths will remain as consultants to GetYourGuide.

The acquisition of iGottaGuide comes just a few months after GetYourGuide made an acqui-hire in the shape of fellow Berlin travel startup, Gidsy, once again for an undisclosed fee.

GetYourGuide CEO Johannes Reck says:

“What we’ve seen is that the smaller players in the peer-to-peer-space are merging with larger aggregators like GetYourGuide.

“At GetYourGuide we are proud to have built the world’s largest portal for local activities, with more than 22,000 products to date, and we continue to be very excited to offer our customers the largest breadth of things to do both in New York City and worldwide.”

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Peter Syme

    As I am often doing I have been thinking about distribution of tours and activities and as I was studying who our best partners are to date in doing this something jumped out at me.

    The large online well funded partners are providing distribution and sales for us, however, it is small non funded companies that we have built direct relationships with that provide way more distribution, sales and higher average booking size and take less commission.

    Now their is nothing especially startling on ground breaking in that , however, it does help me and maybe others focus on where you may get distribution going forward and it may not be where the constant media hype makes you think.

  2. Mike Eberhard

    This wasn’t an acquisition — it was GYG transferring some almost out of work guys onto their payroll, and taking over a few contracts. Makes for a nice press release though.

    As for comparisons with the rest of this sector of the industry, Expedia and Viator are 20 times the size of GYG, as a supplier we can see their booking volumes. They may be well funded, but they’re still a minnow when it comes to bookings!

  3. GoSeeDo

    Alex is absolutely right, supplier integration is key to service delivery and building long term customer relationships through service.

    What’s also interesting with start-ups in the activities sector is the never ending drive for depth of product and the need to have thousands of things to do…there is however a few fundamental flaws…the market as a whole isn’t very mature outside of the traditional tourist hotspots (an opportunity some may say) and this lack of knowledge mean the cost of creating the market are high and breaking the consumers view of I’ll buy in-destination is a long road to tread.

    So rather than a case of product, product everywhere but not a customer to buy it perhaps the right way to spend money is developing a loyal customer base and then add value…you only need to look at the established players to see its where longevity is born.


  4. Alex Bainbridge

    Well done all. Fun to see how GYG are spending their funding.

    Interesting comment from Johannes about “breadth of things to do in New York”. I am not completely convinced that breadth of product trumps depth of supplier integration (i.e direct connections to various reservation systems for product providers).

    Its deep supplier integration that enables mobile in destination bookings, stops customer service issues on unavailable or mispriced products, addresses voucher redemption fraud and helps solve various other problems that happen in this sector



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