Google creates a Playbook for travel

Recent moves, both on the industry relationship and product side, have indicated that perhaps Google is ramping up its efforts in the travel sector.

First came the recent launches of new apps and enhancements to existing products, such as destinations app and the upgraded flight and hotel platform.

Then the company convened a group of senior figures together in San Francisco in early-June this year, ostensibly to create what it called a “Travel Industry Council” as part of a bid to improve relations it has with brands around the sector.

Commercial considerations aside, Google appears to be also trying to position itself as the arbiter of how to help brands and how they consider where they fit in the ecosystem of travel.

Everyone knows that the “consumer journey” has changed massively in recent years, as researching, booking and experiencing travel is overhauled by the demands of a consumer-base hell-bent on shifting their behaviour to mobile devices and demanding instant gratification from service providers.

To help understand all this, Google has created what was being billed at the recent “Council meeting” as a Playbook for travel.

Google says it is a thorough analysis of the so-called “Micro-Moments” in travel, covering what is calls the following phases of the entire travel process:

  • I want-to-get-away moments
  • Time-to-make-a-plan moments
  • Let’s-book-it moments
  • Can’t-wait-to-explore moments

Here is the full Playbook deck, obtained by Tnooz:

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Kevin May

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  1. Valentin Dombrovky

    Interesting how report features both Airbnb Hosted Walks and Booking Now from – both don’t work anymore.

  2. Peter

    “A trip was the largest discretionary purchase last year according to nearly 60% of leisure travelers”

    That’s a rather biased sample group to then come to the conclusion that ALL people spend more on travel than “home improvements, financial investments or health-related products”

    A bold, but rather false statement to kick things off. Hopefully the rest of it is better reading 🙂

  3. Timothy O'Neil-Dunne

    Google’s mission is to create a playbook for everyone’s life (the collective). Travel just happens to be one of the key ways they make money. The line “Resistance is futile” springs to mind.



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