Those Google stages of travel applied to mobile

Google has been increasingly pushing micro-moments  in recent months – those times when consumers turn to mobile for quick information and how marketers can take advantage.

The search giant has handily applied this to travel, and the stages consumers go through – dreaming, planning, booking and experiencing – in a recent post which is worth a full read for the numbers alone.

Take the dreaming stage, for example, it seems 17% of US travellers think about planning a holiday once a week while 37% think about travelling once month.

So, while Google might be saying come spend some marketing budget with us, it is also saying look at all this “untapped travel intent.”

Then there’s planning – only 14% of leisure travellers actually book with the carrier that first comes to mind and that drops to 10% for hotels. Clearly plenty of room to influence there.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting – mobile flight-related queries on are up by a third year-on-year while hotel-related queries are up 49%.

And, when it comes to booking, figures from the search giant show almost half (46%) of travellers who carry out mobile travel research make their final decision on mobile and then turn to another device to make the booking.

That could be down to all sorts of reasons – mobile sites that are difficult to navigate, complex checkout systems, security etc., but claims Google, its introduction of the book on Google link in July is improved conversion rates more than two times for flights and hotels between July and October.

Finally, a few words on experiencing and this is more about mashing up content and delivering it to mobile to enhance the in-destination experience.

Google refers to Airbnb’s hosted audio tours of New York City combining maps, directions and audio of hosts to provide a more local experience.

Overall conversion rates are up 88% on mobile travel sites, mobile share of all visitors to travel sites has increased by 48% and on, queries in the travel category via mobile have increased more than 50%.

Here’s a clip on Airbnb’s thinking:

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