5 years ago

Google unveils Project Glass – putting infomation and communication right in front of your eyes

Here we go again – a peek at how destination content, social media and communications might play out in the years to come, this time courtesy of Google.

Unveiled by the supposedly mysterious GoogleX lab today, Project Glass marries the digital world of augmented reality with the real world of spectacles.

Very early days after being hinted at a month or so back, but it is already obvious how some of this technology will have a massive impact on the next-generation traveller.

Here is the clip released by Google:

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Kevin May

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  1. challeve

    Do we really need to be so plugged in? Really?

  2. Martin Soler

    Awesome. Love the idea. If you get some test versions sent to you forward one over here 🙂 Just hope there isn’t a 2 pound battery pack to carry with it.

  3. RobertKCole

    I will wait for version 3.0 (assuming version 2.0 is the contact lens version…) when they interface directly with the optic nerve…

  4. Sarah K. Ellis

    The music geek in me can’t help but comment on one thing… I find it interesting that of all the millions of songs in the world they could choose to accompany this vision, they picked the exact same one that Amazon is notorious for using in its Kindle commercial from January of 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Eks4gB9tbE

  5. Martino Matijevic

    Most of this technology exists already in the form of a smartphone app, so it’s just a question of integrating it into glasses.


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