TourRadar just made a bold move to become the Viator of multi-day group tours

Group travel marketplace TourRadar has increased its bookable multi-day tour inventory by five times — to 20,000.

The Vienna-based startup claims that no other company makes as many multi-day tours bookable within a consumer platform in a method similar to consumer marketplace Viator has long done with single-day.

Stepping up with a step-change

Founded in 2010, TourRadar is best known for its consumer-facing web and mobile booking service whose inventory is supplied by more than 250 multi­-day tour operators globally.

Until recently, all of its trips were “on-request”, where the traveler submits an email enquiry to the tour operators and then has to go back-and-forth directly to complete a booking, including payment either by wire transfer or via PayPal or credit card.

In November 2013, TourRadar launched its booking engine and began acting as an agent for operators like Intrepid and G Adventures.

That meant that, as of last winter, 4,000 tours were bookable over its platform in the same manner as, say, Viator.

Two weeks ago, it added 16,000 tours bookable. It did this via a similar model to how Airbnb does it for accommodation… TourRadar acts as the “trusted platform” between the tour operators and the consumers.

In other words, TourRadar manages the credit card hand-over, as an option for tour operators. It will hold their money until the tour has departed before it pays the tour operator.

It claims that its just-installed payment and messaging platform, which connects small and medium tour 
operators with travelers, has increased sales of “up to 350%” among its beta testing tour operators.

Expanding ambition

Travis Pittman, TourRadar’s CEO, told Tnooz that his company’s next goal is to vet and work through its waiting list of 300 operators. He adds that the company is accepting new operator applications. We interviewed Pittman about his overall news:

TourRadar has focused on the multi-day category. Are planning to get into single-day?

Single day tours? No plans. Viator and GYG can continue battling out in that space.

I’m seeing many single-day tours on TourRadar, such as this afternoon tour of Barcelona. Is that new?

We have listed a small amount of day tour products since we began, but that is totally not our focus, many of our partners who provide multi-day product, usually have day tours too.

The multi-day category is less popular with investors and acquirers right now in comparison with single-day tours-and-activities. Witness the recent TripAdvisor acquisition of single-day tour seller Viator for $200 million and the huge investment rounds in GetYourGuide. Why bother with a niche in a niche?

I would hardly call it a niche of a niche….

Multi-day tours typically have a ticket value of $2,000. The growth in this sector (particularly in adventure travel, which has seen a 65%-a-year growth rate since 2008 or so), as well as the high basket sizes makes it a niche we strongly believe in.

But single day is where it’s going to be at for a while, right?

Whilst the previous/current investor activity has been around single day, mainstream style products – we know the size and market opportunity of the multi-day sector is one worth pursuing. We want TourRadar to be the platform that proves this is a valid market by leading from the front.

Technology provider to tour companies

TourRadar says that tour operators can provide their trip details, departure dates and prices via the a few integration methods, such as in real-time via reservation platforms such as TourCMS, read XML or read/write API, or its extranet.

MEANWHILE, ELSEWHERE IN TOURS AND ACTIVITIES: Sydney-based Rezdy, a global tour operator software provider, said last week that it is building partnerships with online distribution channels in an effort to connect their customers to more online opportunities.

EARLIER: Auf wiedersehen, GetYourGuide – TripAdvisor starts trimming suppliers of tours and activities

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Sean O'Neill

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Sean O’Neill had roles as a reporter and editor-in-chief at Tnooz between July 2012 and January 2017.



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  1. John

    Can you tell me what are the top 5 competitors of TourRadar? Thank you

    • Ricardo

      Main competitor in this space is Lots of tours, better technology and much lower overhead. Stay tuned !

  2. Issaurat

    We have been selling day tours since 10 years and City Discovery is as well a reference even though rarely mentioned on Tnooz.
    We are in the battle as well with Viator and GYG even if we are a privately help company ( since the beginning ).
    Anyway , multi day tours is very interesting but in our opinion must be driven by the activities portion of the trip otherwise , they are not so different from what has been sold on the market since ages.
    We see a trend for small group tours which are really the ones that allows a personalized service with a nice experience for customers.
    G Aventures and Intreprid have really nice products and Travis is right saying multi day tours is not a niche if you consider that many activities are included in those tours.

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @issaurat – hey, thanks for the comment… good comments re multi-day tours, this evolving market is beginning to shake out a bit, we think…

      FYI: We rarely hear from City Discovery, sorry, so that might account for the lack of coverage. Please ask whoever handles your PR to get in touch whenever you have any relevant news and we will happily take a look.

  3. Hi

    Is that advertising ? Are they paying to write this ?

    • Sean O'Neill

      Sean O'Neill

      Sorry that you’re disappointed. It’s tricky writing company-specific stories without seeming promotional.
      If a company is pulling away from friendly rivals like Responsible Travel and Adventure Link and the others in the multi-day category to lead the category, after years of neck-and-neck rivalry and slow development, then that’s news I think’s worth noting.

  4. Ola

    A company that took 20 years to build a $200M enterprise is a role model. The irony of it all.

    • Sean O'Neill

      Sean O'Neill

      Not sure TourRadar considers Viator to be a “role model” but in the past year it has become the payment service provider that bridges the multi-day group tour operators with potential customers.

      Travis cited Airbnb as a model in this sense, but if I used Airbnb in the headline, some readers would have thought this was a story of everyone starting a tour business out of their spare bedroom. Can’t win. Viator has been making single-day tours “bookable” within its site for years. Hence, the reference.


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