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Groupon teeth-whitening and a faraway nearby hotel stay

Flash sales website Groupon’s deal of the day in New York today is a very alluring $185 teeth whitening treatment (regularly $685) at an establishment at 330 West 58th St. in Manhattan.

So, you can put down your teeth-browning cup of coffee and stop in for a shine.

As of this writing 363 people had purchased the treatment.


But, more to the point, Groupon also has a seemingly clever More Great Deals Nearby feature alongside the teeth-whitening offer.

And, today the deals nearby promo includes organic food at Gust Organics and boot-camp sessions at Fitness Therapy, both located relatively close to Drs. Curatola and Zagami and their teeth-whitening services in Manhattan.

However, the plot thickens when the Groupon deals nearby feature also offers vacation packages, starting at $349, at The Essex resort and spa — in Essex, Vermont.

Here’s an image of Groupon’s deals nearby, including the hotel stay in northern Vermont.


Looks like “nearby” is a relative term. It turns out that The Essex is 343 miles away from the teeth-whitening duo.

Here’s what the route would look like on Google Maps for this six-hour roadtrip.


Groupon has a great idea in its deals nearby feature. If someone is going to get their teeth whitened in the neighborhood, then why not try to sell them a fitness session or some organic food in the vicinity.

But, if Groupon is going to offer a nearby hotel stay, the property should be less than a six-hour drive away.

It’s all in the execution, right?

Maybe a car-service to the airport for a resort getaway would have been a more appropriate choice.

After all, customers would have needed somewhere to show off their newly polished teeth.

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Dennis Schaal

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  1. Dennis Schaal

    Parleo: Deals nearby? A hotel in Vermont? Maybe you’re right, but it’s awkward.

  2. Parleo

    I think the idea is that the hotel offer appeals to people living in Manhattan. As Dan says, who wants to vacation in their own town. The Groupon model also relies on snap decisions to buy, so any hotel deals have to be for weekends or short breaks, and very easy to book without worrying what your SO’s plans might be.

    I know Groupon are pushing heavily into the travel sector at the moment, and it’s interesting to see the thinking behind the deal structures that they are coming up with.

  3. Dennis Schaal

    Dan: Congrats on the pearly whites — and the hotel deal. I have been to that area of Vermont many times and it’s beautiful. The Church Street pedestrian mall in nearby Burlington is lots of fun and Ben & Jerry’s was born in the neighborhood.

    But, as you know, my point wasn’t about whether it was a good hotel deal or not. My point was that Groupon’s deals nearby offering had its geography all mixed up.

  4. Dan

    I, for one, love the hotel deal, and I purchased one yesterday. To be honest, I wouldn’t be too interested in a hotel stay three blocks over from my apartment here, but since it’s wintertime in Vermont, consider me in. No it’s not ‘nearby’, but it’ll make a nice vacation this December. And I already checked– JetBlue flies direct for $79, and the reservation person told me the hotel has a free shuttle from the airport (15 minutes away)…. and my teeth are already pearly white!


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