Hey, travel companies – the secret to winning on YouTube: use kids being cute

Some travel brands will spend eye-watering amounts of money with their clever advertising agencies to pull together slick video clips featuring good looking folk doing inspirational things.

Sometimes these 30-second spots are part of wider TV campaigns, but increasingly these days a brand’s marketing department might create something just because there is a vague chance that it might get picked up on YouTube.

Travel companies – even the B2B-focused ones – have tried and achieved a fair degree of success, while it often appears that Air New Zealand only has to sneeze and a clip will get hundreds of thousands of hits.

However, these videos often cost money, a lot of money in some cases.

So can a company achieve the holy grail of a viral hit with almost next to no marketing spend?

Anyone who has checked the “top rated” or “most viewed” charts on YouTube over the years will know that some types of videos are natural winners in the charts – cats messing about, people making idiots of themselves and kids doing something cute.

And so, with no serious marketing spend dedicated to the project, European travel company LowcostHolidays put out a request a month or so back for people to send in clips of their children trying to say, inevitably, “low cost holidays”. The campaign was called Little Stars.

The results from the 157 entries are as you might expect – kind of cute.

But the world of YouTube loves kids. In fact, 126,000 of its users took the time to watch the clip above and presumably share it around their networks and create the viral effect which marketers are desperate for on the video channel.

There is even an outtake-style, 18-second clip which has captured 20,000 views.

Social marketing manager at LowcostHolidays, Claire Goodenough, says:

“User generated content is not only more engaging to watch as a consumer, but a cheap way for companies to create great content. A win-win situation.”

So, sorry to all the groovy ad shops on New York’s Madison Avenue or in Soho in London – scrap the gloss and bring in the kids. Obviously.

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Nicolas Hauviller

    Well, even if the video below was probably more expensive and even if the kid is older, my prefered Youtube video is definitely the Widerøe’s commercial:

    > 1,140,256 views on Youtube


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