Hostelworld enjoys genuine viral video bonanza after ex-boxer Twitter storm

Some things are just too good to be true – thus why many people are cynical about marketing and the process it goes through.

But here is what sounds like a genuine stroke of good fortune, coupled with dose of creativity for Hostelworld, all within the space of two weeks.

So what happened?

Alan Partridge” is a bit of an institution in the UK, a character dreamt up by comedian and actor Steve Coogan over two decades ago.

The hapless and often toe-curlingly embarrassing fictional TV and radio presenter was essentially a satire on various unknown figures in the British media, often coming up with bizarre ideas to entertain his “fans” and further his own flailing career.

At around the same time as Partridge’s rise fame on UK radio and TV, British heavyweight boxer Chris Eubank was also at the height of his career.

The flamboyant Eubank (“I’m an artist, not a boxer”) was frequently lampooned in the media for his public appearances and not-your-average-boxer like behaviour.

Partridge, during one particular sketch, mused that a good idea for a show would be to put Eubank, who often talked of only enjoying the finer things in life, in a hostel.

Simple as that…

Fast forward 18 years to two weeks ago and someone recently asked the now retired Eubank a question on Twitter:

Some wise wags at Hostelworld and the YHA (Youth Hostelling Association) saw all this taking place and decided to get together with Eubank’s management to propose an ad campaign.

This is the result:

Since then the ad has been picked up and shared by countless mainstream media outlets.

Publicity that money can’t buy, as they say.

Sceptics would muse that the Twitter question, then the exchange and reams of banter that followed, were part of a carefully coordinated campaign, with the YouTube video the final result.

But the protagonists have told Tnooz that they are just as surprised as we are that the campaign came together so quickly and that the first contact with Eubank’s team was shortly after the initial “Twitter storm”.

Bit of a knock-out for all then.

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Johann Thorsson

    Great work by the Hostelworld team either way.

    Also, that article was worth it for that last pun alone.

  2. Alex

    Maybe he should stay at the worst hostel in the world (or so they promote) Hans Brinker in Amsterdam:


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