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6 years ago

Hotel connects Facebook with hi-tech RFID to hit social media-loving clubbers


Promo video now released:


Novel idea from a hotel on the European summer clubbing capital of Ibiza to combine guests’ obsession with Facebook and cutting edge RFID technology – using wristbands.

ushuaia beach party2

The Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel positions itself as a party property, attracting clubbers and concentrating a lot of its activities around the island’s hedonistic reputation as the go-to destination for the best nightspots in Europe.

No doubt assuming that many of its guests will be heavy users of Facebook at home and when overseas, bosses have decided to make the social network an integral part of a stay at the property.

Guests will be given the option to wear a RFID tech-based wristband throughout their stay, a devise which is then synchronised to their Facebook profile.

Sensors have been installed throughout the hotel (pool, bars, restaurants, etc) so that users can swipe their wristband to upload pictures, update status and check-in using Facebook Places.

All content captured using the hotel’s swipe machines will collected on the hotel’s own Facebook page.

Guests will be encouraged to tag themselves in each of their pictures (especially large group shots from big events), to encourage the creation of a community of guests and also keep a fun record of some of the activities which take place.

Facebook Spain sales director Irene Cano says:

“We are in no doubt that this initiative will provide fantastic exposure for Ushuaïa as well as offering added-value and an interactive experience for guests. At Facebook, we are constantly developing our services to find synergies between the virtual and real worlds and we are excited to be collaborating with the holiday experience for the first time.”

NB: Apologies for the fruity pic, best of the bunch made available. Honest.

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Kevin May

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  1. Daniel

    Im interesting in this technology for a soon open hotel on the beach of México, i ned information about the facebook connect bracelet. if you have a information about providers in my country please contact me, thanks

  2. Mike

    Here’s the best video case study yet on how to use RFID to amplify social media impact from events. A program that was done with Nissan and Sports Illustrated-

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  7. Nick

    I’d love to have some prices too.

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  9. Kevin May

    Kevin May

    @kevin – what’s Blogmij’s involvement then?

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  13. rolando bacoy

    Yes! who is manufacturing these wristbands.?? We would be very interested in obtaining some and we are located in south east asia

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @rolando – we’ve asked for you, but no response as yet.

      • Kevin May

        Kevin May


        RFID implementation carried out by a Dutch company called Blogmij.

      • Mike


        Please provide an email where I can reach out to you and discuss our capabilities in this space. We have strong abilities to provide this at low cost. Thank you.

  14. Dror

    Hey All,
    we have been looking for similar wristbands with RFID capability for quite a while in South America but without any luck.
    Does anyone know a provider in South America or one that can send them here.
    Loki Hostels
    Peru – Bolivia (and soon Argentine)

  15. Andrew Shepp


    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @andrew – it’s a term often used to describe the use of an image or clip for seemingly no other purpose than because it has an array of beauties (male or female, of course) in it. Or a scantily clad bottom. 🙂


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