Hotel gives like a local, lends Airbnb and rental owners its boutique services

A UK hotel has taken a novel approach to connecting into the growing world of shared or rented properties for use with travel accommodation.

The Bermondsey Square Hotel in London has given access to its in-house functions to any of the vacation rental of Airbnb-type hosted properties that are within one mile of its location.

The idea is that short-term accommodation providers can provide “luxury boutique hotel” standards to guests by tapping into its own housekeeping services, key management and maintenance.

This includes a point of contact for when things go wrong or if a guest has questions about facilities or local information.

Guests of the rentals or shared properties can arrive knowing that the property is supported by a “reputable luxury hotel”, the company says.

The hotel, which is part of the Bespoke Hotels chain of independent properties in the UK, adds that the service, known as SquAIR, will allow hosts to hand over issues and queries to the hotel and its guarantee of a 30-minute call-out.

The hotel also acts as a collect and drop-off point for keys to the property

The communication between the hotel and guest is being handled by the ALICE mobile application, allowing guests to track any problems and manage their relationship with the hotel.

Hosts and owners will also have access to the app.

The hotel says:

“Offering a safe and secure environment, the hotel surroundings offer a comfortable surrounding for those guests who may be hesitant about booking an Airbnb style property or new rental apartment.

“Guests will also be able to leave their luggage at the hotel on check out of their apartment.”

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  1. macy

    This is interesting news, but not exactly ‘novel’ as the Spanish chain, Roommate/BeMate has been doing this already for a couple of years across at least ten of their properties.

  2. Richard Savva

    Fantastic to see how an established supplier is reacting positively to the new sharing economy. Congratulations to the hotel for thinking outside of the traditional box and engaging with the disruptive situation.

    Benefits to the buyer are obvious and the hotel will increase revenue for assets they already have in place.

    Love it.

  3. William Beckler

    This is absolutely huge. Hotels already have an army of staff and the understanding and training to execute on this key function that is lacking in the short term rental space.


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