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Hotel TV media provider uses cloud-hosted weather and flight apps

A cloud-hosted weather app may be coming soon to your hotel room TV.

How appropriate.

It’s all part of LodgeNet’s Envision HD interactive TV platform, which was recently installed in The Chatwal New York, the first such deployment in New York City.

The hotel’s guests can turn on the TV and access City Info, Flight Info, a Weather app, eWelcome, Guest Info, a Happenings Channel, Guest Survey, Property Message and Wake Up service, LodgeNet says.


Internet TV is nothing new for LodgeNet, but the Envision platform “connects the guest-room TV to the cloud,” says spokeswoman Ann Parker.

“This works through a variety of applications that we have created that reach out through the Internet to pull content from cloud-hosted services,” Parker says. “These include applications such as Flight Information and Weather.”

Envision, Parker adds, also enables hoteliers to publish content to the guest room TV through a hosted central location.

At The Chatwell New York, the guests get, in addition to all of the apps, a bunch of HD entertainment options, including Hollywood movies, Parker says.

Parker of LodgeWorks says some of its Envision installations will be testing streaming Internet applications, including access to Pandora and other partner services by the end of 2011.

Of course, hotel guests may welcome the diversity of apps on their guest room TVs even if they are unaware of their cloud origins.

Guests typically are more interested in the clouds than cloud-computing.

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Dennis Schaal

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Dennis Schaal was North American editor for Tnooz.



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  1. Ray McManus

    Still being done the old way
    Still not green
    Still not stable

    Ray Mcmanus
    Inventor of “Cloud HD”

  2. lebowski

    Yea, well…that’s like your opinion man

  3. Michael


    nothing to add from my site.


    “That is what cloud computing is all about – using shared servers in data centers that are utilized by systems and users in multiple locations”

    they confirmed everything I wrote.

  4. Dennis Schaal

    Dennis Schaal

    Michael: Why do you say the “connects guest-room TV to the cloud” is wrong?

    In response to your comment, LodgeNet states: “It is factually correct that the Guest Room TV (iTV System) is connected to the cloud. Simply put, we are retrieving content and services that are processed and sourced from servers hosted in data centers outside of the hotel. For example, with the Flight Information application we do not process requests for a specific airport or flight from servers at the property, we reach out across the internet and make that request from a Flyte Systems server hosted in a data center that then does the necessary computations and requests to pull that data together in a single data feed back to the property. This is a similar scenario for the City Information service – we do not host that data at the property – it is retrieved from other servers hosted in data centers by our partners. That is what cloud computing is all about – using shared servers in data centers that are utilized by systems and users in multiple locations.”

    I agree that just because apps are hosted in a data center does not make them cloud-based. Is that what you were driving at?

  5. Michael

    as soon as I read “connects the guest-room TV to the cloud”, I wanted to cry. besides that being plainly wrong, there is zero advantage of a “cloud” solution over other hosting solutions. there are a lot of obstacles involved with “the cloud” that put companies at risk. by far the worst marketing bluff in the last years that so money companies burned millions for being clueless and it looks like we can add another one.


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