How mobile technology is changing travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

Well, yes, we all know it is (especially now with this latest research), but sometimes the speed in which mobile travel has evolved is lost in the midst of constant app launches and new devices.

So here is a decent summary of developments in the world of mobile and travel in the past few years, by way of the obligatory information, courtesy of My Destination.


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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  2. Natalie

    Is is possible to get an insight in the research paper that was used to make this infographic? I am very interested in this subject and would like to see the sources of all numbers. Thanks in advance! Greetings Natalie

  3. TomR

    I love graphics like this. I am confused on the one towards the top though – the 139% column bar for the UK. I’m not that statistically knowledgeable, but figured this chart couldn’t go over 100% for each bar. Am I missing something? Is it that a person could have more than one mobile device; so if I had two mobile devices, my mobile penetration would be 200%?

    • Guillaume

      You’re right TomR, This figure shows that in the UK, there are more mobile devices than people in age to have one

  4. Tim Chester

    Nice infographic. Would love to know where all the airports with free wifi are – it still amazes me how much transport hubs charge to access the internet.

    • Anna-Lucy

      Hey Tim,

      I completely agree – on trains you have to pay…even if you have just forked out over £100 to go somewhere only 3 hours away. Looking forward to the increase of free wifi as the year goes on.

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  6. Kevin May

    Kevin May

    @zachary – thx for the comment. we’ve asked them to respond here to your question. Standby…

  7. zachary

    50% wait times? I do not understand where that comes from. GateGuru and TSA apps are the only apps with that data. I’ve only seen two airports with this data on their websites.


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