How much do travellers love social media? They cannot get enough of it [INFOGRAPHIC]

Perhaps some parts of the industry continue to struggle with how to monetise all this social media malarkey, but that doesn’t stop consumers from embracing it.

From the so-called discovery part of the process, to booking, in-destination activity and what they do when they return home, consumers continue their passion for relying on strangers for advice, stay connected throughout their trips and will happily share (some of) their personal data with travel brands by way of Facebook fandom.

The MDG Advertising blog has a decent infographic to illustrate it all:

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Kevin May

    Kevin May

    @steve. Apols if you think we’re rubbish.

    As i am sure you noticed at foot of the infographic, data comes from multiple sources and articles elsewhere, so there is no single sample size.

  2. Steve Finlay

    Kind of a useless graphic without a sample size. Are we talking 10 people sampled? or 10,000. Good journalists should fact check these things.

  3. Jaclyn Amoroso

    Great infographic that highlights opportunities for providers before, during and post holiday. I would like to see some stats specific to the Australian market.

  4. Mike Jirout

    It would be interesting to see these statistics for overseas vs. domestic travel. I’d bet that usage is significantly hampered by additional charges incurred outside the US.


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