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4 years ago

Why iBeacon takes consumer-brand interaction to a new level

DEVICES: The opportunity to have a better way of communicating with consumers on-the-go is, from a brand’s perspective, the Holy Grail of the modern travel experience. Apple, inevitably, is trying to be at the forefront of it all with its iBeacon geo-fencing system. Airports, hotels, destinations have to wake up and figure it all out. Read more on Recode.

Few technologies have so quickly captured businesses’ imaginations as iBeacon has and it is already playing in the big leagues.

Hundreds of grocery stores and retail shops are rolling out iBeacon experiments, alongside prominent use at major sporting events.

IBeacon essentially takes over where GPS leaves off, offering a cost-effective, battery-efficient means of indoor location tracking that can trigger apps to serve compelling digital content based on a user’s location and proximity to points of interest.

It’s a game changer for businesses seeking to meld indoor environments with digital experiences.

Read more on Recode

NB: Device airport passenger image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Andy Cavallini

    Nice Post!

    I’m currently involved in an iBeacon Proof-of-Concept for a big box european retailer, and the most significant project-item regards the shopping-experience.
    Engaging shoppers too much means disturbing them, so you have to determine the optimal “interaction” trade-off.

    I published a white-paper about iBeacons-at-work titled “iBeacon Bible”; feel free to download it from my blogsite; it can be valuable if you’re involved in this technology or just want to know more.

    Andy Cavallini

  2. Richard Bagdonas

    Everyone is talking about using iBeacons as a way to send deals to consumers. We have so many ways to get deals that they will eventually be too much and consumers will disregard them like ad banners. iBeacons can be used for so many other things.

    At Mahana ( for example, we are using them to automate things that consumers used to have to do manually.

    Anyone interested in iBeacons should come to the Beacon Meetup at SXSWi. Robert Scoble is the keynote.


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