Inflight entertainment reaching new heights [INFOGRAPHIC]

Seems like the sky is the limit for inflight entertainment at the moment according to the numbers pulled together for this neat infographic from IFE Services.

Inflight revenue is predicted to hit $1.5b by 2015, there was a 60% increase in aircraft equipped with wifi last year compared with 2011 and it seems 75% of those aged 18 to 24 want wifi.

Most popular device brought on board is the smartphone with laptops and tablets about equal in the preference stakes at the moment.

It’s worth throwing in a few TripAdvisor stats here too as the reviews giant has produced its 2013 Air Travel Survey this week. Findings include:

  • a quarter would choose one airline over another if it offered wifi
  • 37% consider an ipad or tablet a carry-on essential, up 5% from 2012
  • 56% are using smartphones for flight status alerts, up 10 percentage points from 2012
  •  38% to check-in versus 30% in 2012
  • 36% to check flight prices, 30% in 2012

Click on image to view larger version.

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  2. Matthew Batchelor

    Very surprised that listening to music and playing games/using apps wasn’t considered along with Watching movies, reading and sleeping. Good infographic though. I can’t get enough of infographics!

  3. Sceptical corporate traveller

    @Nya – you are right. I was at a conference where Boeing were touting this as long ago as the late 90s and challenged their man on the value to airlines even then.

    The best hope airlines have of getting it paid for is to cut deals with large international corporations and consultancies with lots of travelling staff. The problem with that is that they are very concerned about who is sitting in the next seat reading the emails. I’ve read some fascinating presentations being prepared by fellow travellers, some even by my competitors!

  4. Nya Koi

    Aircell / Gogo was very quick to tout this study at the Airline Revenue Conference this week and tell airlines why they should install Wi-Fi yesterday. Thre is a big disconnect between what passengers supposedly want when surveyed and what they are willing to pay for, however. Aircell/gogo take up rate — what percent of passengers purchased Internet onboard when Intyernet was available — is around 5%. This is a far cry from the numbers in the survey. It is also a lot less than the number of people buying duty-free, food and beverage or anything else onboard. If so few people buy inflight Internet, it does not look like a good investment for airlines.


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