It’s all about the good vibes on TripAdvisor (apparently)

Three quarters of people writing reviews on TripAdvisor do so because they want to share a good experience, rather than rant about it.

The user review service carried out a study with Phocuswright earlier this year but has only just released the findings.

The sample size? A hefty 15,000 travellers from a broad range of countries including the UK, France, Germany, US, India and Japan, using a pop-up module from the TripAdvisor

Some of the results are reasonably self-serving (ta-da!), but with a sample of that weight and active users, certainly worth sharing here:

  • Two most important things for users when reading reviews are recency (42%) and quantity (30%).
  • Majority of users want one place where they can read reviews, compare prices and book (63%) [there’s a light shining right there on why TA has dived into meta-booking].
  • 70% of users wrote a review because they received good ad vice from reviews and wanted to give back to the community.
  • Over three quarters (76%) agree that user photos influence their decisions.
  • 85% of users consider a thoughtful management response to a bad review improves overall impression of a property.
  • Seven out of ten think aggressive/defensive response from the hotel will make them less likely to book.
  • 80% agree that seeing a hotel respond to reviews makes them believe that the hotel cares.
  • Over nine out of ten users consider hotel reviews to be an accurate summary of the actual experience.
  • Over half (54%) will not book a hotel if it does not have any reviews.
  • Users will read at least six-to-12 reviews before choosing a property.
  • Nearly nine out of ten will consider at least four-to-six hotels, whilst two-thirds will consider the same for a number of restaurants, and 56% the same again for attractions to visit.
  • TripAdvisor has become “site of choice” because of its large volume of reviews (66%), descriptive reviews (64%), covers broad of content (62%), reviews from experienced travellers (61%).
  • Eight out of ten users say TripAdvisor helps them plan better trips.

NB: Good vibes online image via Shutterstock.

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  1. John Kearney

    These results show that hotels need to start proactively asking for feedback from their guests and make it easier for them also to share their great review not only on Tripadvisor but Google which improves visibility. By actively requesting feedback, you also have more chance in dealing with negative reviews before they even get on to the major review sites which also helps your ranking. Managing your Reputation and receiving informative reports is not enough in today’s market. If you would like to find out more, read this article


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