Jizo claims major distribution first for travel search, opens up Russia

Fledgling startup Jizo is claiming a significant role in the evolving world of airline distribution this week by becoming the first travel search engine to get access to Russian airlines.

The site, which launched in June this year, has secured a deal with Russia’s notoriously protective distribution systems run by SIRENA and TAIS, getting access to content from a string of airlines which would ordinarily unavailable to those off the GDS grid.

Jizo claims air content on both the SIRENA and TAIS systems are out of reach from other search engines, giving it quite a sizeable lead over other consumer brands and also those outside of the country eager to give travellers access to the vast array of internal Russian airlines.

Out of approximately 30 Russian scheduled carriers, only five are hosted on external distribution systems (such as Aeroflot on Sabre), meaning there is a vast swathe of content currently inaccessible to travellers unless they visit a SIRENA or TAIS-connected travel agency.

Travelport has a existing strategic partnership, signed in July 2010, with SIRENA to give Russian agents access to international carriers via the Worldspan and Galileo platforms.

The Jizo deal will be the first time that many of the Russian carriers will be available in a consumer-facing search engine both in and outside of the country.

SIRENA is a system which was created in 1972 as the Soviet GDS. After the collapse of the Iron Curtain the organisation split into two (SIRENA and TAIS), essentially to allow competition between the pair.

SIRENA commercial director Marina Volodina says:

“No other search engine in the world has established direct access to the broadest CIS fare databases before. With this project Jizo becomes a unique metasearch engine currently including the most extensive proportion of domestic flights in Russia.”

NB: Image of Moscow Airport via Shutterstock.

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Kevin May

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  2. Sean Osborne

    I am disappointed to see Tnooz’s comments facility being used by a competitor of Jizo’s to badmouth a new, young, enterprise. Online booking is a hugely underdeveloped market in the former Soviet Union and there is plenty of market share for both Aviasales (Max Kraynov) and Jizo (Sergei Lavrentyev). There might even be a gap in the market for a business ethics online course.

  3. Max Kraynov

    They are grossly misleading the public. Aviasales.ru has been doing the same for years and has reached the #1 position in the Eastern European market. Jizo is a company with no market share that invests into PR more than it invests into a product.

    And yes, aviasales.ru gives international companies access into the Russian market, too. Just ask me how.

    • Sergei Lavrentyev

      #1 position in the Russian market is held by Skyscanner.
      #2 position in the Russian market is shared by Momondo and Yandex.

      In terms of the product, Jizo.ru has done more and better in just a few months than the mentioned company in several years.

      The mentioned company gives limited access to the Russian domestic airlines through OTAs’ content. Try to find, for example, Rusline (7R) there. You will be able to do so with Jizo.ru

      • Max Kraynov

        This is another indication that you need to invest into market research.
        Plus – “done better” is too subjective. What matters is customer adoption, not the direct access to GDS.

        For a hint have a look at this picture: http://www.kraynov.com/public/aviasales-skyscanner.png

        • Sergei Lavrentyev

          Customer adoption it is. That is why Jizo.ru does not compare traffic in Alexa, Jizo.ru compares the actual number of queries.

          • Max Kraynov

            No, search volume is for kids. Searches resulting in customers purchases – that’s the new black in 2011. So how many ticket sales do you claim to make per month? 🙂

            PS. Actually, if there’s no strong correlation between traffic, clicks and revenue, it looks more like Russian elections rather than internet business.

        • Kevin May

          Kevin May

          Now, now, boys – play nice 🙂

          I suppose the question, therefore, is if connecting to the GDS to get the full content of normally closed carriers outweighs the benefits of connecting via OTAs with perhaps limited range of airlines?

          • Max Kraynov


            you’ve nailed the key assumption: “perhaps limited range of airlines”. There are some subsequent questions that need to be asked before getting a balanced view:
            – what are the volumes [in tickets] of the “delta” airlines (i.e. that are not available via OTAs connected to Sirena)?
            – how profitable is the sale for the metasearch engine? Is it just another example of LCCs, which look good in search results but bring virtually nothing to the bottom line of a metasearch engine?
            – what are the buying habits of passengers of the “delta” airlines? Are online sales relevant at all?


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