London to New York in 11 minutes – that would be the Antipode

Everyone loves the idea of a plane that could smash the previous records for commercial travel around the globe – but New York to Sydney in 32 minutes sounds crazy, right?

The Antipode is a concept aircraft dreamed up by Canadian engineer Charles Bombardier from Imaginactive.

Bombardier’s plane would travel at around 40,000 feet and up to speeds close to 12,500 MPH, giving it the chance to traverse the globe at knee-tremblingly fast times.

Imaginactive says the plane would take off directly from any airfield using rocket boosters (which then handily detach and return to earth), before the main fuselage kicks the “supersonic combustion ramjet engine” into action that accelerates to Mach 24.

The designers reckon the aircraft would be suited to high-spending business travellers who need to quickly move from one side of the earth to another (or the military, of course).

But how does the aircraft slow down, so that its ten passengers reach their destination comfortably, you might ask?

Imaginactive says:

“The plane’s wings would have enough lift to glide and land on a 6,000-foot runway. Emergency compact rocket boosters similar to the EZ-Rocket from X-COR aerospace could be ignited in case the aircraft needed to make a second landing attempt and could also be used to slow down the aircraft.”

Simple, eh.

Here are some of the conceptual visual designs, created by Abhishek Roy from India-based Lunatic Koncepts.




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  1. Adetunji

    Definitely mind blowing and unimaginable. Our world travels are becoming light speed travels. I just wonder how a pilot will be able to navigate it at such alarming speed. It sounds really crazy in this generation.

  2. Mike

    That kind of speed would make the aircraft impossible to navigate. It would have to have a predetermined course on take off and not deviate from that course at all. Speeds of 12,500MPH would not permit manoeuvring of any kind around an obstacle or obstruction (severe weather, birds, which I’m sure they accounted for, but also and most importantly other aircraft), and should a collision take place it would be like getting hit with a rocket. No chance for either party to avoid contact. Interesting concept, just not sure we are ready for it anytime soon.

  3. Mamta

    This sounds really impressive enough like never expected to heard before. By design it looks a product of next generation and it has amazing substances. Hope it will be good take off


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