Lufthansa creates AirlineCheckins for universal passenger check-in

The tech development division of Lufthansa has quietly launched a new service so passengers can check in on any airline from a central point.

The Berlin, Germany-based Lufthansa Innovation Hub has built AirlineCheckins, a consumer-facing service so that users can check-in online at over 100 airlines around the world.

It is unclear as yet which carriers are featured on the service, or if they belong to particular groupings (Lufthansa is part of Star Alliance), but they are said to be “large and medium-sized airlines”.

The free system works by taking control of a passenger’s check-in requirements from the AirlineCheckins website.

Members forward or register their booking confirmation details on the site, then it automatically checks the passenger in as soon the host carrier’s system allows it (“usually in the very first minute”, the site says).

The system also includes a preferences element, so passengers can notify the service if they like a seat towards the front or rear of an aircraft, aisle or window seat, etc.

AirlineCheckins will forward the passenger’s boarding pass once the check-in is completed, by email, SMS or via another channel.

LIH says:

“The online check-in process is identical to the face-to-face discussion at the airline’s check-in desk at the airport, but it has the benefit of allowing you to go directly to security when you arrive at the airport, then head straight to your gate, where you scan your previously issued boarding pass at the appropriate checkpoint or show your pass to the relevant employee.”

NB: We will update the story when LH or LIH shares more details.

NB2: Airline check-in image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Laurren

    Hi Kevin,
    Really interesting article, but I think the synchronization will remain an issue. I tried this services 12 hours before my flight and my booking was still pending until I reach the counter and did the checking with an agent!

  2. Jeff

    If seat assignments have already been made at the time the reservations were placed, will you service change these assignments when the check in service is initiated?

  3. John

    I registered and forwarded a booking confirmation. 18 hours later, the booking still not showing up, no response.

    • John

      Correction. It appeared eventually.


        Hi John – good to hear & sorry for the waiting time. We are totally overwhelmed with the initial demand for our service. Therefore (short) lags could happen at the moment – but we are working on it as we speak.


  4. Dieter Holle

    Interesting, but does the auto check-in feature not entirely invalidate the check-in process in principle? The likelihood of checked-in but not actually traveling passengers increases substantially.


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