Mapquest beefs up data with various partnerships that improve utility of maps

The original mappers at Mapquest have continued iterating the map product, eyeing a return to relevance in the mobile and information-rich world.

The website, which maintains its ranking as one of the top 200 websites in the United States, recently added local discovery and sharing alongside a new mobile mapping product. This month the company has doubled down on data, delivering linkups with a variety of partners to enhance the quality of listings on its core map product.

Of particular interest is the brand’s integration with both the MLB and Hampton Inn. Users will be able to see all nearby Hampton Inns on one tab, with the ability to see availability and book off-site.

Mapquest homepage

The MLB integration is unique as it complements the MLB’s digital strategy by allowing stadium exploration on MapQuest, in addition to the ability to download specific team kits. This partnership goes the other way as well, with MapQuest the chosen mapping partner for all directions within the MLB’s own app.

Mapquest results will also include listings and information from the following data partners:

  • Foursquare’s venue tips, coming in the next months
  • GrubHub’s online ordering
  • SinglePlatform’s menus and info from 100,000+ local businesses
  • Booker’s scheduling for spas, salons and other businesses
  • SeatGeek’s ticketing for events at 50,000+ venues
  • FAA data on airport delays

The addition of these data partners suggests a desire to be at the center of any journey a user may make, both at home and on the road. The competition is fierce on mobile, with both Google and Apple duking it out for mobile primacy; MapQuest’s approach is to move beyond A-to-B trip mapping and into location-based utility for everyday life.

The move smartly places MapQuest at the center of a user’s everyday experience, making it easier to enjoy and explore the world using mobile as a digital tool that aggregates any pertinent information related to a specific location.

MapQuest’s own numbers claim 3.9 million users across devices in February 2014 – a number the brand is clearly trying to boost, especially on mobile, this year.

NB: Road ends image courtesy Shutterstock.

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  1. Michael Cameron

    “MapQuest’s own numbers claim 3.9 million users across devices in February 2014” – this seems to be inaccurate, MapQuest appears to have at least 10x that volume.

  2. Rod Cuthbert

    3.9 million uniques per month? That has to be a typo, Nick! 39 million, maybe?

  3. Mitch Connor

    F@#k mapquest…


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