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Marketing bosses must get involved more in ecommerce

MARKETING: Living in silos for years, marketing departments are finally – in some parts of the industry, at least – coming together to understand deeply how their counterparts in the ecommerce division down the corridor operate. But there is a lot more that can and should be done. READ MORE on Forbes Gyro.

The billions of consumer money spent online has taught retailers something – that is, capturing customers via web channels the is crucial.

But obviously the web is a big place. And mobile, which can seem like an entirely different universe, looms ever larger. So where to even start if you haven’t yet…started? And who should lead the charge?

The modern day merchant must have an intimate understanding of the importance of online and mobile commerce, access to a vast array of customer data, and a strategy for transforming this analytical data into winning online experiences.

Whether online novices or experts, business leaders crave insight on how to accomplish this. The question is: who inside the company can embody these traits and help the CEO rule the roost?

That responsibility should actually belong to the chief marketing officer.

READ MORE on Forbes Gyro

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