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Mashing up airport codes for a clever Expedia ad campaign [IMAGES]

Every now and again an advertising campaign kicks in which has the chance to be very effective due to its simplicity and is also being rather clever.

Step forward Expedia in the UK which has enlisted creative giant Ogilvy to create a new outdoor post campaign, using a rather innocuous item from the industry which every traveller will recognise,.

Combine a few together and, hey presto, a smart and funny/cute series of posters.

The only downside is the rather small explanations on some of the posters (perhaps not so clear to curious readers standing on the other side of the tracks at a London tube station.

Presumably not the prices…

Of course…

Appealing to the long-suffering Brits and their rubbish weather…

Use of slang…


What every Brit dreams about for their trip, right? …

More slang…

The average sun screen protection code for Brits. Apparently… 🙂

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Kevin May

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  1. Claire

    Basic, simple, and inspired! Love it. So much good design comes from the U.K.

  2. Tim

    For a trip down BOOT memory lane and a bit of an airport code childish giggle check out this post from 2008 where we ha a competition for the best airport code combos. Make sure you look at the comments

  3. Steve

    LOVe this Campaign- just Brilliant and I like that the CTA is smaller-Makes one sort of hunt it down! Great work!

  4. Olly

    BIT ODD that the CTA is so HRD to SEE

    (Baitadi, Oodnadatta, Fontanarossa, Harstad and Gillespie Field)


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