Mobile iterations: TripAdvisor, TripLingo and Trover update mobile experience

A trio of companies have made noteworthy iterations to their mobile offerings. Here’s how it all shakes out.


TripAdvisor has released a small iteration that could have big impact for users: the integration of WiFi information within the app.

The app screen is integrated in the main navigation menu, and offers detailed information about each destination:

TripAdvisor Wifi

A TripAdvisor spokesperson told Tnooz:

Initially, we’ll be rolling this out in 21 key cities around the world, displaying information on the connectivity available in airports and city centres. The information will be aggregated from a number of reliable online sources, including our own TripAdvisorforums.

We’re launching this because we know getting information about connectivity while abroad is a huge pain point for many travellers. Last year, the TripAdvisor TripBarometer Mobile and Social trends survey found that – particularly among UK travellers – there was a trend of people avoiding using their mobiles abroad for fear of high data roaming charges – a quarter of British travellers (25%) said they did not use mobile devices abroad, of which 39% cited data roaming charges as the reason.

Of course, by facilitating discovery of WiFi for users, the company benefits from higher usage of their app amongst users wary of roaming charges. This is essential, as much of the app’s utility is unlocked with in-destination usage. Not to mention the ability to write a review straight from a mobile phone is a vital component of the mobile experience for both the reviewer and for the company.

The update is already out on Android, with iOS to follow shortly.


Trover, which dubs itself “an explorer community startup” has released a major update to the geo-location technology used in their iPhone app.

The app is now:

…capable of zeroing in and recording exact photo locations. Trover offers the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to document the best things to do – whether at popular venues or more specific and remote locations – virtually anywhere and share those discoveries with a growing community of passionate explorers.

With Trover’s advanced geo-location capabilities, users can more easily use their iPhone to document the details of their outings and create visually stunning photo-guides of the best places to visit, whether they’re 5 miles or 5,000 miles away from home.

The app update is aimed squarely at boosting the company’s stated mission to “help people share and discover the best of anywhere with photos,” says co-founder and CEO Jason Karas.


How the updated technology works in facilitating and quickening the sharing process:

When a photo is uploaded into Trover, it is immediately categorized by location and is socially discoverable by the entire Trover community. Explorers can visually browse through an eye-catching collection of thumbnail images featuring places to see and things to do nearby.

As the user scrolls, a mileage indicator guides them to other places to visit in nearby neighborhoods, towns, and states and beyond, allowing users to explore new places and create lists of great things to do. For more complete details, users simply click on the photo to get authentic tips from explorers who have been there.

This place-centric storytelling is a part of the core value proposition, which should be enhanced by better taking advantage of iPhone geo-location to make sharing faster, simpler and more accurate – a key feature essential to user and company growth.

The Trover app is available here on iOS.


Trip translation and language education app TripLingo has seen two major overhauls since launching 3 years ago, and has now released the third significant update.

The company has updated the learning tools to include a quiz mode, with flashcards and interactive audio lessons. The “live translator” feature has now been extended to Android, offering live translation in 180+ languages.


On the enterprise side, a Wi-Fi dialer allows calls to be made via a Wi-Fi connection to reduce roaming charges. There’s also 500 new business phrases and a tip calculator that takes local customs into consideration – and thus potentially saving companies money with unnecessary tipping.

A new “Safety” section connects users to their internal or external security service, click-to-call travel agents, and company-specific policy information – all in a bid to deliver the Duty of Care that corporate travel managers require. For TMC partners, the logo can also be changed to reflect where the user logged in from, thus co-branding the experience.

CEO Jesse Maddox on the design elements of the update:

The new version combines what were once two separate apps: TripLingo and TripLingo Business Class. While “TripLingo” had a fun design and aesthetic, it didn’t reflect the utility of the app for corporate customers. Conversely, TripLingo Business Class had a dry and frankly boring aesthetic. The new version combines the clean and beautiful aesthetic of the consumer version while also being clean and appropriate for business users.

Maddox also highlighted how this new update further differentiates the TripLingo product:

On one side of the landscape you have tools like Rosetta Stone and Duo Lingo that are oriented towards fluency. The reality is that most travelers don’t have the time or inclination to achieve fluency, and learning to say “The boy drinks water” is both unhelpful and a waste of time. On the other side you have strict translation apps, like Google Translate- but translation alone doesn’t address all of the language and culture issues travelers face.

In addition, these strict translations often come out awkward, which is why our phrasebook is curated with professional translators to help people learn the natural way to say things. We take a holistic approach to the needs of travelers, and by bringing a spectrum of tools into one place have a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

 The new app can be downloaded on Android here and iPhone here.

NB: Mobile image courtesy Shutterstock.

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