How travel compares to other industries for mobile use and transactions

Analysis of over 3,000 ecommerce brands has shone a light on how the travel sector shapes up against other verticals for mobile shopping.

The report released by Criteo this week estimates just under a third of all ecommerce transactions, across all industries, are now coming via mobile devices, with the US expected to hit around 50% soon.

Again, generally the non-desktop conversion rates for purchases of products after seeing an ad are around 2.5%, with iPad and Android-based tablets reaching 3.1% and 3% respectively.

The travel category in particular has mobile accounting for around 27% of ecommerce transactions, slightly ahead of sporting goods and marginally below fashion and luxury items.


In terms of which device most travellers are using, 66% are making transactions on their mobile phones, compared to 53% for other retail sectors.

Interestingly, it appears that lower ticket value items are the mainstay of most travel purchases.

The average transaction price in travel for tablet users is $92 ($57 for smartphones) compared to $100 spent on desktop.


Criteo says the reports illustrates a number of key trends to evaluate and react to over the course of the coming months.

“Smartphones will continue to displace slower-growing tablets. Larger form factor phones are an added accelerant to an existing trend towards greater use of smartphones for shopping.

“Understanding cross-device behavior will be the biggest challenge and opportunity for marketers in 2015, as a majority of users going through their buying journey interact with the same site through multiple devices.”

Another interesting factor to note is the wide difference at a country level in the shopping behaviour of mobile users.

For example, in the US some two-thirds of mobile transactions in travel are made on smartphones, compared to 38% in the UK and 83% in Japan.

NB: Full report here:

NB2: Mobile shopping image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Ve may bay di nhat

    wow, the report is awesome, in asian zone mobile user is nearly 50% population but the transaction via mobile is only lower 5%


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