Naked truth about online hotel reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

How many user reviews does the average hotel have against its name these days? Are women or men most likely to lead a positive review?

And is it web-savvy Gen-Yers (18-24 year olds) posting most of the reviews and what process or device are people using to do it?

Olery has collected a lot of data from a number of sources (including a previous Tnooz article) and its own platform to pull the answers to such questions together.

Look out for the Gen-Y stat…

Here is the infographic:

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Lynn Rasmussen

    As an outsourced Marketing Manager for a small hotel in Mexico, I find these statistics interesting and feel likely that they are accurate.
    What I’d like to see is information on how reviews increase sales. We find that our sales increase remarkably as our review rankings increase. When managed well, reviews can be a controllable sales factor and I urge hoteliers to put a strategy in place to maximize good reviews and address any negative reviews positively and quickly.
    Question on authors comments about GenYers. Aren’t they in the 3% group? And the 25-34yrs in the 30% group? Or did I miss something?

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  4. roland

    How much trust should we put in a guest reviews infographic created by a company that sells guest review services? It’s like trusting the tobacco lobby to prove that cigarettes don’t cause cancer.

    My guess is that Orely is more interesting in selling its wares than conducting hard science.

    • Olery

      Hi Roland,

      Besides we just like sharing interesting facts about our industry, we won’t deny that it has been a good PR tool as well. We don’t see what is wrong with combining those two. But you are really going beyond all limits by comparing us with the tobacco industry denying cancer.

      For ‘hard science’ we suggest you to read scientific magazines. We never intended to do more than giving the market some newsworthy and amusing information and naming the sources where we found them.

      • Steven Herron

        Roland is way off base and IMHO inappropriate in posting his comment. Many research organizations release statistics based on their own data, Smith Travel Research – PhocusWright – comScore – Forrester – etc, and it is a perfectly acceptable method of demonstrating their services while providing the industries they serve with a peek of important information.

        I would encourage @TNOOZ to delete Roland’s comment.

        @Olery, thank you for sharing this information.

        • Kevin May

          Kevin May

          @steven – thanks for chiming in.

          I am not going to delete a comment unless it is libellous. On this occasion, it is not.

          It sets a bad precedent if we do that just because others do not like the other folk’s opinions.

          • Steven Herron

            @Kevin May
            Understood and I’m not fond of censorship so can appreciate your position but the comment is offensive and inflammatory. It is my feeling that the OP should be warned at least.

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  7. Vince

    Agoda is missing from the graph as well with 2.2 mln reviews, but i guess we could add a lot of other sites!

    Thanks for this interesting article.

  8. peter

    the age group would be more interesting if you include what percentage of that age group travels.
    if -for example- people in their 30s travel more then people in their 20s then it would be logical that people in their 30s leave more reviews.

    very interested in the youngest age group. I see that more young people have (make) less free time. on the other hand, that age group uses mobile devices more then the older age groups.

  9. Steve Collins

    I suggest that it may also be interesting to see how hotels are rated by nationality as well as by age as from my observation, which is entirely unscientific, cultural attitudes can also have a bearing on opinions.

    • Olery

      Hi Steve, thanks for this addition. That would be nice to know… We also thought about this. Unfortunately, not a lot of review data is retrievable by nationality. We did some analysis on language, but this doesn’t tell you anything about nationality.

      I’m Dutch and write most of the stuff I post online in English, so that wouldn’t work. But if we find a way to do it we will certainly do something with this!

  10. Travis Katz

    Very cool infographic. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cleo Kirkland

    Great infographic. @Olery ywhere did you get the reviews by age data and the percentage reviewed through mobile? Comscore data? Thanks for sharing!

    • Olery

      Hi Cleo, age and data come from Olery Reputation, our product to monitor online reviews and social media. The mobile percentage is from Comscore as mentioned in the sources.

  12. Claudius

    Sorry you forgot HolidayCheck with mor than 8 Million Reviews and Opinions…

    • Olery

      Hi Claudius. Thanks for adding HolidayCheck, when we did our research their total number of reviews ws unknown. I just checked their website and now they do say to have 2.2 mln reviews and therefore they should be in the graph (but not with 8 mln.) We will add this to our Review Sites Database.

  13. Olery

    @Tnooz: Thanks for sharing, although Olery is misspelled. 😉

    @Guillaume you are right about the last graph, it’s a collection of what we could find online, or by simply asking the website or estimates from our own data. Not every website is publishing this and of course the numbers are increased already the second you publish this. 60 mln is the number of reviews and opinions that Tripadvisor is saying their website (including subsidiaries) contains. We thought this gives a good overview of the biggest players and their relative proportions

  14. Guillaume

    Hi there,

    The last graph about the number of reviews doesn’t compare the same thing between players.

    TripAdvisor has 60M travel reviews and opinions so not just hotel reviews. An opinion for instance could be a contribution on the travel forums. is only collecting hotel reviews.

    It’s also surprising to see that women tend to complain less than men when it comes down to hotels 🙂


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