WANTED: Selfie competition in travel – must use elves, donkey or legs

At some point the “selfie” trend is going to be so tragically uncool (if it isn’t getting that way already) that marketers will not dare utter its name.

Until then, travel brands the world over will come up with as many bizarre and, err, apparently creative ways to seize on the social trend of the past year.

First up is Iceland Travel – the Icelandic tour operator has created a contest where participants must use the #ElfieSelfie hashtag and take photographs of the country’s nature and incorporate some its distinctive elfin folklore.

Suggested #ElfieSelfie sites include troll-shaped lava formations, miniature painted elf houses, and bizarre rock formations in the country.

ElfieSelfie contest - Iceland Travel - Tnooz

Iceland Travel reckons photo sharing is now an essential part of the travel experience, especially in a photogenic location such as Iceland, so wants to capture some of the buzz around the selfie phenomenon.

Australian brand, Lastminute.com.au‘s effort asks travellers to share a feet-selfie. Winners of this contest are given travel prizes, obviously, but still the idea is to generate some social interaction around the brand.

LegSelfie - LastMinute - tnooz

Perhaps the most bizarre initiative comes from Kenya-based accommodation service provider, Sleepout, which ran a competition where it asked travellers to submit selfie photos with donkeys.

Yes, donkeys.

In Sleepout’s words, “world renowned Donkey expert” Vardan Hovhannisyan (the person behind the superbly titled Donkeymentary) judged the competition and picked a picture that was titled “The Kiss” as the winner.

And, here it is:

DonkeySelfie - Sleepout - Tnooz

In next week’s efforts (maybe), selfies with great white sharks in South Africa, celebrities-turned-earnest-attendees in Davos, and Justin Bieber look-a-likes in Miami.

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NB: Colosseum selfie image via Shutterstock.

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Karthick Prabu

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  1. Eleanor Fullalove

    Here’s a new one asking for Fabulously French / Brilliantly British selfies to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Channel Tunnel http://goo.gl/Nci23u

  2. Jason Bragg

    A selfie with a donkey. Ingenious. Did they increase social interaction? Is selfie marketing still worthwhile, statistically speaking?

  3. Cycle Party

    Travel brands are using the ‘selfie’ it ingenious ways!


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