Nezasa pivots to B2B with distribution of travel packages for travel agents

Nezasa (TLabs here) was created to deliver customizable bespoke travel packages online, meaning that travelers could create more complicated itineraries using the Internet — something that most consumers have come to expect. The idea wasn’t necessarily to replace travel agents but to sit between basic OTAs and offline agencies by offering an online means of booking complex trips.

The startup has now pivoted its business model to compete less with offline travel agents and become a engagement tool for travel agents and their customers. Co-founder Manuel Hilty calls this model “global distribution for DMCs,” as it focuses on surfacing the content created by local DMCs straight into an agent’s workflow.

This direct sourcing means that the inventory is made available without relying on an outbound tour operator to source the content from the destinations that the tour operator travels to. The outbound tour operator margin is therefore eliminated and the quality of inventory can increase since it’s DMC direct.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.46.10 PM

Nezasa For Retailers allows agents to access content created by reputable, verified Destination Management Companies and to fold it into the Nezasa interface for further customization. This can either be done by the agents themselves or by the customer in their own home — one of the key advantages of the technology is that it also speaks to the traveler’s desire to take control of their own destiny.

The support of omni-channel commerce is quite new for many travel agents, who don’t often have many options for hybrid selling that combines an offline presence with a traveler-facing online tool that can increase both satisfaction and average package price.

NB: Where to travel image courtesy Shutterstock.

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