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Part Five – So what happened to travel tech in 2010?

NB: We asked the Tnooz Nodes to reflect on their Predictions 2010 from 12 months ago – do they have Oracle status or did something come along to derail their forecasts.

Troy Thompson (Travel 2.0 Consulting)

Prediction 2010 #1:

Will the mobile predictions actually take hold in 2010? – Mobile will be the most popular prediction by pundits, commentators and bloggers for 2010 (and 2009 and 2008…), however it remains to be seen if mainstream consumers share this view of the coming mobile messiah.

While anyone can point to a seemingly endless pile of stats and figures…iPhones sold, apps downloaded, mobile usage…one cannot help but feel that while the consumer is now is possession of a smart phone, are they smart enough to understand how to use it?

Sure, your techie friend is all about Foursquare, but does your mom use and understand that fancy Urbanspoon app?  There is no doubt we have entered the age of the mobile computing device, but just like the computer before it, consumers will require time to learn the capabilities of these new magical applications.

My prediction is that we will still be predicting mobile at the close of 2010.

On reflection:

As for the idea of mobile not quite taking hold in 2010, I would say that is 50/50 as this point. Sure, mobile was a huge story in 2010, but was 2010 the year for mobile?

I think a deeper historical perspective is required.  Perhaps we will look back at 2008 or 2011 as the year for mobile.

Either way, it still feels like mobile has more potential for growth and adoption… at this point, let’s just say that 2010 will be the decade for mobile.

Prediction 2010 #2:

Can CVBs and DMOs pull it all together? DMOs are good at a lot of things and copying other DMOs is right on the top of that list.

By this point, any self-respecting CVB has a Twitter profile, Facebook page and YouTube channel. Heck, they probably have all of those cute icons plastered on every corner of their site and emails. We have started shooting video, contributed to TripAdvisor and Yelp, ran a couple of Twitter only contests… maybe even started and kept up with a blog.

That was the easy part. You did it. Kudos on the Twitter icon. Now what does it all mean? How will CVBs and DMOs pull this ever expanding universe of interactive marketing into one cohesive message that not only makes sense to the consumer, but also creates real engagement?

Sorry, having ‘friends’ is not enough. Is your interactive strategy influencing travel and are you showing your executive team results?  2010 is the year to pull it all together, skim off the junk, and really start a conversation with your consumer.

On reflection:

Again, 50/50 on the prediction, or demand, that destinations pull their digital strategies into a cohesive and tactical plan.  Some have – Montreal, Florida, Oregon, etc, but those DMOs are the exception, not the rule.

For most, it is still a shotgun, ‘let’s try everything’ approach to any new social media, new media or mobile media development that bloggers (yes, us) say is the next big thing.

Hopefully 2011 is the year that destinations begin seriously look at their digital strategy for a broad perspective.

The Facebook page is great, but how does it tell the story of the destination?

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About the Writer :: Troy Thompson

Troy Thompson, a contributing Node to Tnooz, is an artist, consultant, and speaker who found a way to combine all three into creative leadership workshops.

He is the founder of Pattern, a strategy and service design consultancy. Troy believes in customer-centric innovation, simplicity, and short bios.



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  1. Joe Buhler

    Totally share your assessment of prediction #2. After the initial steps taken – mostly in a cart before the horse fashion with the tactical tools- it is now time to get serious about the overall strategy based on that changed consumer behavior caused by the social web. This should have been the first step to take, but anyway, it’s probably not too late to do it right and execute based on clear marketing objectives. Will 2011 be the year when the majority will do so, we shall see.

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