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PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit – TnoozLIVE Blog and VIDEO

We are at the annual PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.

TnoozLIVE is covering it with minute-by-minute commentary as 30 teams compete to be selected as the most innovative in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Here is the live video stream:

And our live blog:

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin is senior editor and a co-founder at Tnooz. He was previously editor of UK-based magazine Travolution and web editor of Media Week UK from 2003 to 2005.

He has worked in regional newspapers (Essex Enquirer) and started his career at the Police Gazette at New Scotland Yard in London. He has a degree in criminology, a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism and publishes his first book - a biography about Depeche Mode - in 2017.



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  1. Heddi Cundle

    Can’t believe a year has gone by since I presented on that stage. Who the heck wound up the annual clock on full speed 🙂

  2. Chris Patridge

    @jetjet going up against @Concur and @tripadvisor?

  3. Chris Patridge

    how dos deal angel know who is in a hotel’s compset? star rating? bit.ly/SSWbXY #tis2012

  4. Chris Patridge

    @minitimefamily can see the usefulness for non-fam oriented destinations… Best kids club in Vegas?

  5. Chris Patridge

    Mapquest Discover, a reasonable added value, but no way to make money


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