Priceline unveils new ad campaign with Shatner and Kareem

Priceline’s creative team must believe in continuity because it is bringing back The Priceline Negotiator-themed ads with new spots for the fifth consecutive year.

The campaign, developed by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, has its TV and online components, of course.

One of the hotel-oriented TV ads, which began airing on national broadcast and cable channels, serves up actor William Shatner in his 13th year as Priceline celebrity spokesman, features the return of the Big Deal character and debuts a Department of Negotiation [which might remind some of HomeAway’s Ministry of Detourism pitch].

Here’s the aforementioned Priceline spot:

And, a second Priceline commercial emphasizes its Name Your Own Price bidding service, but doesn’t mention hotels specifically as it features Shatner, actress Sacheen Padilla and a cameo appearance by UCLA and NBA basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The campaign tagline is: “ — No one deals like we do.”

Here’s the second commercial:

Advertisements such as The Negotiator series seem to resonate with the public. Frontier Airlines generated a lot of brand recognition with its ongoing critter-ads series:

Meanwhile, Priceline declined to divulge any financial details of its current ad blitz.

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Dennis Schaal

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  1. Dennis Schaal

    Dennis Schaal

    Annonymous (your spelling, not mine): Indeed you are correct and the changes in the article have been made.

  2. annonymous

    LOL, OMG. Where did this author get his facts from? That actresses name is not Naomi Pryce, thats the characters name. What a dumbass. The actresses name is Sacheen Padilla. Somebody fire this author.

    • Doc

      Speaking of dumbasses, it is “actress’s,” or sometimes “actress’,” but definitely not “actresses.” It is possessive and needs an apostrophe. What are you, a 13-year-old who is too wimpy to sign his/her own name feeling all feisty hiding behind the anonymity (note the correct spelling, with one “N”) of a computer? People who live in glass houses…DUMBASS.

      • Kevin May

        Kevin May

        @doc – “doc” what? Not exactly transparent yourself eh?

        • Doc


          Perhaps not, but it is the name I go by in real life and the moniker I use all over the internet. I don’t think it smart to use my entire name (no insult intended). My intention in my post was to use the same type of venom used by annonymous to fight the ridiculous unwarranted name calling that goes on around the internet. He/she could have made exactly the same point without name calling and suggesting the author’s firing.

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  4. Wally

    You got the wrong Naomi Price for the Myspace link in the article.


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