Shadows and 2D are so last year – time for flat website design

MARKETING: For years, many of those at the sharp end of pulling together websites for travel brands thought about pastels colours, shadows and two-dimensional design. But the touch screen and perhaps a need to change has led to a subtle shift – so-called flat web design. Read the full story on Web Designer Depot.

It is easy to say that 2013 has so far been the year of flat design. Even Apple, the driver of the skeuomorphic design trend for many years, is trying some level of flat design when it releases iOS 7 later this year.

So are you ready to try it out as well? Not sure how to get started?

Here is a guide to help with flat design resources, covering everything you need including free UI kits to color palettes to typography options.

Read the full story on Web Designer Depot

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  1. Harish Chouhan

    Flat Design has been around since a while but just gaining popularity now. I manage a Flat Design Gallery at so do have a look.

  2. Miramon

    Umm…. flat design *is* 2D design. Someone seems to have dropped a D someplace….

    • Ellison Fernandes

      Error in title I guess unless the understanding of 2D varies with the author.


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