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Shatner’s secret child revealed in Priceline’s latest ad campaign [VIDEO]

For anyone who thought William Shatner would ride quietly into the sunset – or rather, plunge off a bridge – in his infamous role as the Priceline Negotiator, be prepared to be bitterly disappointed.

First there was the glimmer of Shatner’s ghost last summer, and then there was the not-so-surprising appearance of Shatner on the beach, alive and ready to take up the good fight against travel prices once again.

This week marks the full-fledged return of the Priceline Negotiator, with a huge reveal: the wild-eyed price warrior has an illegitimate child – of impeccable pedigree! And she is none too happy about spending her childhood learning the “art of deal-making.”

The focus this time around is on Priceline’s ExpressDeals product, where travelers do not have to bid in order to get a deal. Customers choose the city, neighborhood and star-level hotel they want, and can see all of a hotel’s amenities (pool, on-site restaurant, gym) and, in some cases, they can even specify the type of bedding they want (two queens, one king, etc.)

For those who are unaware, the lovely Miss Negotiator is the Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco. And she is clearly lined up to take over the Negotiator family business should Elder Shatner truly perish at the end of this series – it’s all so exciting!

In the release announcing the lastest addition to the Negotiator family, both Shatner and Cuoco talk about their newfound bloodline.


“The Negotiator harbors many secrets, and this is just one of them. It’s another layer to the enigma of The Negotiator that shows us there are many different ways to find great hotel deals.  And, as in life, there is something new he can learn from a younger perspective.”


“It’s definitely exciting working with Bill, and being part of a campaign and a brand that I’ve pretty much grown up with. He has single-handedly built the Priceline Negotiator into a pop culture icon.  I think there’s a lot of overlap in our fans, who will appreciate seeing us together as a father and daughter team.  And who wouldn’t want to be William Shatner’s daughter?”

More on the Negotiator can be found on Priceline’s YouTube channel.

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