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Singapore Airlines sorry for aggravation on new website

Probably not the best moment for new Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong: a high profile and humble apology following major problems with the airline’s new website.

Goh, who took up the role earlier this year, sent a letter to customers yesterday to say sorry for a string of issues with the new website which launched seven weeks ago.

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Visitors to the site found a lot of the functionality did not work properly, including changing flights, redeeming loyalty points, online check-in and logging in to membership tools.

“We make no excuses for our failure to deliver an acceptable level of online service”, says Goh in the letter, before pledging to resolve the problems and claiming “significant progress” so far as it also looks to investigate why such a major series of issues went undetected.

“As with all new initiatives that we undertake, the intention behind the website revamp was to improve on our customers’ experience with us. I am truly sorry that the new website, with its technical problems, has instead caused much aggravation for many of our customers.”

Fans of the airline’s Facebook page are not in a particularly forgiving mood. One says:

“It took you two months to acknowledge a serious problem on your website… What is your time line to fix the issue? Two years? Why do you inconvenience your customer when the website is obviously sub standard… Why cant you test it in a non production environment.. Why do you even allow such a thing to happen in the first place?”

Others are angry that the airline has only offered an apology and not offered to compensate those who had travel plans cancelled as a result of not being able to check in or change flights.

The launch of the new site came just five months after Goh joined from sister airline SilkAir, replacing CEO Chew Choon Seng who retired at the end of 2010 after seven years in the position.

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  1. James Chen

    Has the dust settled on the “new” SIA website?
    Questions remained:
    – Why was the old award-winning website replaced in the first place?
    – Why was the previous winning team with a proven track record put to work on the new website?
    – When the new website faltered, why wasn’t the proven website brought back to serve clients?

    What actually transpired?

  2. Low Keng Lum

    Dear Mr Goh Choon Phong, do your best to have the bug fixed, it’s the staff that had goof this up and not your fault. like in all big orgnaisation, there tend to be too much “wayang” and you just don’t get to see what’s happening and more so in details. When I first used the new facilities for booking air tkt, I did commented to SIA on the less than satisfactory performance of the system and up to today it is still the same. TYpically, it is slow, the personnel data entered somehow did not get captured/saved and everytime i have to do it again when prompted. i am sure the problem can be resolved. Long live Singapore Airlines. The old system is much user friendly and don’t change for it is still working perfectly. Which IT mad man /woman suggest the change ?? kris flyer member 8087673616.

  3. Alfred Danberg

    My associate attempted to issue a points redemption ticket online. Whilst the points was deducted the ticket was never issued. Singapore Airlines was aware of the issue, blamed it on the faulty website and could not (or would not) reinstate the points nor issue the ticket till now – some 3 weeks later! Instead they offer compensation of 3000 points! What an insult! SQ’s attitude was horrendous. They still have the idea that SQ is the best airline and they can treat passengers like unscrupulously without affecting their reputation. It’ll be interesting to see how SQ performs if their management continue such with arrogance and attitude.

  4. Felix


    We need the OLD working web site back. Please remove this non working time wasting NEW website until it is properly tested with at least all the capabilities of the OLD.


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