Small hotels can get sites from BookingSuite for a 10% cut of direct

Online hotel distribution behemoth last week formally debuted BookingSuite, its new business-to-business arm, derived from its acquisition of digital marketing firm Buuteeq.

Today the company revealed that BookingSuite will offer the typical independent and boutique hotel a mobile-optimized website for “free”.

The catch is that the hotel pays a 10% commission to for any “direct” reservations” made through the site (even if the site is connected to a engine or TripAdvisor’s metasearch channel).

That commission is beneath the company’s 15% basic rate for reservations processed through

Services that help the site appear higher in search engine results cost extra.

The company’s WebDirect product has already been used by about 2,800 lodging owners, including The Keating Hotel in San Diego (which already sports the design) — many of whom were inherited in the Buuteeq deal.

Another 3,600 lodging owners are in the pipeline.

The company said in a statement:

“BookingSuite enables its partners to keep pace with fast-moving technology by continuously updating its products at no extra cost to partners. The result is future-proofed solutions and one less thing to worry about for busy accommodation providers.”

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Sean O'Neill

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Sean O’Neill had roles as a reporter and editor-in-chief at Tnooz between July 2012 and January 2017.



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  1. Chris

    I’ve followed this conversation with much interest: Can anyone recommend a few options, packages or developers, to allow more in-house control of hotel bookings? Thank you!

  2. Ben Hennessey

    Hi – I have come across several occasions where BookingSuite is registering the domain name of hotels they are creating websites for under their own BookingSuite registrant name. These hotels (including branded hotels like BW, HI) have no idea whats going on. This way BookingSuite owns 100% of the hotels domain name and hotels cannot switch easily (well they could if they changed their domain name)… e.g.

  3. Evan

    I would not be comfortable with booking knowing all the details, My startup is currently offering free hotel websites while in beta, even when we start charging it will be a low monthly fee, 10% seems ridiculous to be honest for a website and a booking engine.

  4. Richard Webb

    unbelievable! what all hoteliers need to do is join a new group called (made up name) if every hotelier got of the OTA’s they would be so much better off! drive repeat business through own website using Clock software! its very simple!

  5. Jamie Kelop

    Is 10% free?! Some travel tech companies are already providing hotel websites and booking engines for completely free (I already use I’m afraid I don’t understand the strategy behind this but as hoteliers we can “still” do the maths and compare zero to ten! Plus as Valentin said, these crappy sites can’t drive drive bookings…

    • archotelaix

      Hi, Mr Jamie KELOP,

      Thank you for your very good suggestion, but what pms you use to synchronize the updating of your inventory HOTELRUNNER?
      Thanking you in advance for your answer.



  6. Anil Varghese is only expanding their scope of revenue beyond OTA. They know pretty well that the market moves and technology is helping more and more hotels to gain bookings on direct sites. It makes sense to grab a share of the direct pie, before their OTA decline happens.

    Now the big question is whether hotels will agree to pay 10% commission on each booking on direct site (seriously???) implying that the entire hotel inventory is in OTA control? But Sam also gave the answer – 2800 clueless hotels are already on the bandwagon 🙂 Cheers to that!

    • Eivind

      Right, Anil! Those 2800 hotels should rather somehow stick their heads together for their own and the greater good.

  7. Roger Smith

    You can’t call the product free guys even with the disclaimer there’s a catch. If I am the Keating in San Diego which boasts 30 rooms at an ADR of 260. In the most conservative scenarios (San Diego’s avg year round occ of 61, channel mix of 15% going to Booking, 3 night avg LOS) I could build my own custom system twice in a year. Let alone the data I am providing to about direct traffic patterns related to small hotel types. Wake up Keating!

    As for Buuteeq — The User Interface is no better than anything a WordPress site can offer. Even Wix has a decent product. Buuteeq was so good in its early days. But they departed early from being a true SaaS — their now 100+ person team of web designers pull all the strings to get things to work. should just sink the drowning ship that is this vertical play just like they did on HotelNinjas.

  8. Eivind

    In my opinion, does this mainly as a move against Expedia and subsidiaries.
    Any booking won from the competition online, is good for them. There is also an option to pay a direct monthy fee that you might consider if you have large volumes.

  9. Ralph

    The Keating has ihotelier as a booking engine though? Confusing…

    • Sean O'Neill

      Sean O'Neill

      It’s the digital marketing shell, the user interface for consumers, that’s from Booking.

  10. Valentin Dombrovsky

    Сhecked couple of BookingSuite-powered websites and it seemed to me that they were designed as if wanted for people to forget about direct bookings.

    Oh, and, of course, won’t stop advertising on hotel name in Google ( even if you use Bookingsuite. So, internet marketing consultant still might be useful.

    • Sean O'Neill

      Sean O'Neill

      Thanks for the link to the SEO advertisement in particular. Interesting point.

  11. Sam

    “Today the company revealed that Boooking Suite will offer the…hotel a “free” mobile optimised website”…ahh no, that’s why they pay 10% commission. Save the plugs and keep to the good industry news please! Nothing new here, they’ve been doing these poor book buttons for years


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