Proliferation of smartphones over-estimated

DEVICES: Lies, damn lies and statistics. That catch-all phrase to describe the over-egging of data to support a trend or point of view. Whilst prevalent in all walks of life, question marks are now also emerging over the apparent misinterpretation of figures to (perhaps not intentionally) mask a lower penetration of mobile devices.

Multi-SIM smartphones were developed as a way to help people stay connected.

But new research claims that the popularity of these devices could be creating a distorted view of the mobile market.

Most of the figures published on mobile penetration are based on subscriber numbers provided by network operators, which assume that each active SIM card represents an individual subscriber.

However, a new report by OpenSignal reveals that there are places in the world where over 40% of new Android users have multi-SIM devices.

Read more on at The Telegraph

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