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Social loyalty in action – airport check-ins on social media for air miles

Perhaps it is a small marketplace at this stage, but trading social information in return perks with travel brands is growing – with Delta the latest to try it out.

The carrier has secured a deal with TripAnomaly, a-based startup, to give passengers 80 SkyMiles with the airline if they share their location at a Delta terminal or gate area at the airport on Facebook.

At the moment (ahead of an iPhone or Android app to be launched shortly) it’s a bit fiddly – users have to log in to the TripAnomaly site and “check-in” there, rather than through Facebook.

But the idea is interesting, and is supposedly the first for TripAnomaly with a number of carriers.

It taps in to the idea that passengers are increasingly willing to share certain elements of the personal data on social networks (such as locatin) in exchange for loyalty points and other traveller perks.

TripAnomaly says the project with Delta could provide the airline with an opportunity to increase its customer base of frequent fliers (outside of the traditional business traveller loyalists).

CEO Wilkinson Egwu says:

“We want to bring the fun back in air travel through non-traditional means and what better way to do it than socially and earn airline rewards.”

NB: Passenger airport image via Shutterstock.

NB2: TLabs Showcase – TripAnomaly.

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  1. Raj Chudasama

    Finally a reason to check-in somewhere. Although it’s just 80 miles at least it’s something, otherwise check-ins are for kids.

  2. Timothy O'Neil-Dunne

    Not to be too nit picky about this but I am not sure that this is a huge value to anyone. 80 miles costs (according to popular convention10 cents per mile but only 10% are actually used so lets say its worth 8 cents. The improvement it would provide someone to let them achieve a milestone would be approx 10% for shorthaul low cost flight vs about 5% for a domestic long haul (transcon connecting) itinerary. IE it would take you slightly less amount of trips to get to an award level (25K miles). With 80 miles for a single one way and 320 miles for a connecting round trip – it could be something. I just dont see this as being the right amount of benefit to make an impact.

    Delta and other airlines when they launched “print at home” boarding passes did so with 500 and 1000 mile offers and this changed behavour rapidly. There was both a tangible benefit as well as an incentive. In this case with only an incentive – I dont think it will have a great impact.

    For the interested the calculation is based on:
    1. Minimum miles 500,
    2. Transcon miles being 2500
    3. Short haul flight costing $200
    4. Long haul flight costing $500
    5. The use of a credit card with 3x mileage credit spent.
    6. A check in at each airport IE 1 for each flight leg.



    • Libby McMillan

      That’s what I was picturing: 80 miles for each leg. Otherwise, kind of meaningless when you need 12,000 miles to claim a free ticket. Very rare that 80 miles would make a difference.

  3. Libby McMillan

    I like this idea: I would gladly check in for miles.


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