Suggestme takes digital travel info analog by offering personalized printed maps

Custom city map startup Suggestme now offers printed versions of their digital personalized maps created by travelers.

Beyond exporting custom-created maps to mobile devices, users can now also select a physical printed option. This allows users to spend time online to select the places of specific interest to them, and then print out a specific-to-them map of the intended destination.

The Suggestme service has parsed millions of Facebook mentions, tweets and Foursquare check-ins to offer a comprehensive look into the popular venues in a given city (TLabs here).

Moving beyond the dreaded cliche of tourist maps will likely be popular with a cohort intent on avoiding the traditional trappings of a tourist experience. The ability to avoid data roaming charges – or to hunt for WiFi – is a key advantage here.

Here’s an example of a printed map, created for a visit to Amsterdam:

Click here for the full version of the map.

The maps are printed on high-quality A3 stock, and, most importantly, the paper is water- and tear-proof. This means that the maps are of great utility for travelers, as they can withstand the general abuse of travel. The maps are printed and sent to the customer prior to their trip, allowing for an extending period of familiarization as well.

Henk Jan Bijmolt, co-founder of Suggestme, points out how important these qualities are:

Tourist are fed up with fiddly maps with information they’re not interested in. They’ve had enough of ones that fall to pieces in their hands at the slightest drop of rain. And no one wants to pay excessive roaming charges while trying to find a café or museum on a holiday.

 Our research shows that tourist maps are used on average 22 times a day so normal maps can quickly disintegrate. Our maps are incredibly durable and will withstand heavy duty usage.

The city map is also personalized on both the front and the back, on one side with the personal city map, and on the other with extensive information including addresses and opening times for the hotspots that the traveler has personally selected.

Furthermore, the social media element of the site allows the traveler to be aware of the hotspots that locals and other travelers are talking about at that moment in time. By combining online interaction with a personal city map it allows the individual to get the most out of their city trip with a truly bespoke experience.

The maps can be printed after creating a map at Suggestme’s website.

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