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That web design versus SEO debate: does it make any sense at all?

MARKETING: A perennial battle between the creatives and technical marketers – where the desire the usability and engaging design jars against those tasked with getting people in the front door. But does it actually matter who wins, or can there actually be peace in the valley? READ MORE on Search Engine Journal.

Designers bashing SEOs and vice versa. We all have been seeing this happening for a long while now – years, in fact. And it’s probably not going to end any time soon.

It might get nasty and more heated in a year or two, though. Unless, of course, both sides realize that they finally need to go along, that clients don’t give a crap about their altercation and are interested in one thing above everything else: a website that’s great usability, appearance and at the same time ranks well.

But what is the fight actually all about, does it make any sense, and what can be done?

READ MORE on Search Engine Journal

NB: Chess battle image via Shutterstock.

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  1. David

    Combining SEO and great webdesign will bring you more targeted visitors, higher CTR and more profits. Making your website visually appealing and perfectly design (that is, making it easy for users to navgate, understand about your products, etc, etc) will give you loyal audience and higher CTA. SEO on the other hand will bring you more exposure, more users not just users but targeted users. By combining these two effects, the result can be limitless.

  2. P. Jason King

    well, we have a real conundrum ! We promote the fact that all of our employees remain anonymous, then our IT department which has the SEO expert wants to get us noticed more…Hmmmmm, how can we be noticed more if we need to be anonymous 🙂 Thought I would give you all a good chuckle!!!

  3. Psycho

    Lately SEO has become nothing more than creating good website and good content – all this rocks, especially if you boost the effect with the help of social media activities (and I’m not speaking solely about G+).

  4. Touch Point

    I can understand if SEOs don’t know how to design websites, but all designers should understand SEO. The two go hand in hand and can no longer be separate entities when designing a website.

  5. Michael Hios

    You made a salient point; both sides need to come together and compromise. Their clients and more importantly, the users should not get caught up in their “Religious War.”

    In IT, we’ve seen battles like this between tech evangelists for too long (Network/Desktop OS, web platforms, email systems, etc.) always at the expense of the end-user.

    It would be helpful for the clients to better educate themselves on both UXD and SEO so they can make better decisions. Ultimately, any tech decision should always be driven by the user, not by the technology.


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