hotel employees confessions secrets

The 10 juiciest confessions from hotel employees venting on Reddit

Two days ago, someone started an online discussion thread on Reddit, the US social news site, asking hotel staff to reveal secrets.

Within two days, the thread has drawn more than 5,500 comments.

Some of the confessions are priceless. Here’s a sampling of some favorites — but please note that Tnooz hasn’t independently verified the truth of any of these claims.

hotel employees confessions secrets


The mattress cover and the sheet – those are the only parts that get washed. link.


I work at the front desk of a fairly large hotel chain… and there’s one thing that comes to mind that should be fairly obvious, but has become a trend as of late at our hotel in particular.

The front desk will NOT call you at an ungodly late hour, if our “computer crashes” and ask for your credit card information. We will not give you a 50% discount for your cooperation, and no, I would not be calling you if “there is a line at the front desk, so giving me the information over the phone will be quicker.”

I suppose if caught at the right time of night, some people would be awoken and in a daze and comply, but even then, REALLY?

If you suspect a phone call from the front desk is not the front desk, please make a trip down. People can simply dial random extensions, get direct room lines, and make victims of you. Sad, really. <link>


Here’s the best way to cancel your reservation with out getting charged: Customers call … and I tell them I will change the arrival date and that they should call back in 2 or 3 days and cancel it then. That way they do not get charged and I do not get in trouble with the boss.

But this only works for reservations that are booked through the hotel directly. Pre-paid reservations from travel sites like expedia can not be manipulated this way. <link>


I worked for the Ritz Carlton for a few years. In my orientation, the HR rep told everyone that each employee has a special allowance of $1,500 to make sure they can help the guests feel like their stay would be memorable.

There was a story about a guest who lost his Rolex and asked the front desk if they had seen it or one of the maids took it and complained a lot. When the guest finally left, the guy from the front desk went out and purchased the guest a new rolex and was reimbursed fully by the Ritz. The guest was extra happy and is now returning to the same property every year.

So, every Ritz Carlton employee in the U.S. has a $1,500 account for guests if needed. Not many people know that. <link>


As someone who currently works at a major hotel in a very popular city, I may have seem insight….1.) the duvet stories are mostly true. If it looks clean and not wrinkled then it stays without being washed…Just to clear this up, duvets are NOT meant to be slept on.

I know many people are grossed out that they aren’t always changed but again they are not meant to be used as a blanket. There is a large warm blanket underneath with the sheets that is supposed to be used.

Every single person who travels knows the horror stories accompanied with bed covers, so the right thing to do is to fold it and place is on the floor or chair. <link>


I’m a bellman and valet at a three-star resort Hilton in Arizona. I can give you free water bottles, tampons, valet parking, tours, shuttle rides, reservations, dry cleaning, hell even an upgrade to a better room if you just ASK ME. Butttt no one ever does cuz they think I’m just a doorman…

Oh and room service isn’t open all night, so the kitchen cooks meals (like sandwiches and dessert and whatnot) and leaves them in a fridge near the front desk in case a guest checks in at like 3 in the morning and wants food. If late-night guests ask me, I can get them something.

Bellmen… have good connections with housekeeping, room service, the kitchen etc. I will say befriending the bellman will only be beneficial for you. If you give me a $20, I promise I’ll remember you and hook you up. TO APPROACH ME GIVE ME MONEY. Consider it like an investment….

Last night I helped move a guest to a different room, he gave me 20 bucks. [That’s fair. The hotel’s nightly rate is $110.] <link>


I worked at a 5 star hotel for a few years, can’t think of anything u are asking about off hand, but I did get to meet a lot of really famous people (Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Mariah Carey, George W. Bush, Jamie Fox, etc.).

You know Mariah Carey made us empty 5 rooms for her hair and make up to be done in, she had ten rooms rented for her hair and make up people to stay in, another 10 rooms for her security, and 5 rooms just to hold all her clothes and stuff. Also, we had to black out all her windows, install a door with no peep hole and put 15 humidifiers in her room…. <link>


I worked at the MGM in Las Vegas for 7 or so years. There are A LOT of people who make Vegas their last wish. There are many, many deaths weekly throughout the 5000 room hotel. <link>


I’ll break it down as best I can, I have worked at the 3 of the top hotels that have been voted the best globally for any given year (ie: best Embassy Suites worldwide 2009; I have managed the Front Desk, Engineering, and been an AGM for many hotels).

Pricing/financials: As far as room rates go, most of the time they are highly negotiable depending on hotel occupancy. This goes without saying, but if the hotel is at 70% occupancy, and online it says the rooms are 269 a night, you can very easily get a good chunk off if you are polite. We would regularly take care of guests that just had the nerve to ask.

Simply call the hotel, and ask if they could do any better for their rate this coming weekend, were looking around and we really like your hotel. If they are at a lower occupancy, they will jump on this. Like I said a room that went for 269 a night can easily be taken down to 150-190 a night with no manager’s approval. <link>


I work in a 5-star hotel located in central Hong Kong. Yes, we have to comply with any request if the guest is considered a VIP. Not sure if this is interesting to you guys but we do have contact with locals when prostitution is needed.

We simply make a phone call and girls will be delivered faster than pizza. No, I ain’t sh–ting you. <link>

NB: Image courtesy of Hotel Confessions, via Shutterstock.

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  1. Redknightsgoingdown

    My wife’s grandmother worked for a couple that owned a “by the hour” in glendale she passed away recently at 99 years of age,she was salt of the earth type from the mid west during the great depression I think she went to church like every day.she wasn’t what you would call politicily correct she tell us about the lizzbinz and I am sorry the way she would say stuff was hilarious to us kids,it turns out the couple that owned the place where loaded and when they sold the place she stayed with them and moved three states away ,the three of them were inseperable for the next 20 years and when the wife died she married the husband. we are pretty sure she knew a little bit more about lizzbinz than she let on.

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  3. BISclerk

    I work front desk at a hotel in a small, regional hotel chain…we have a normal rate of 99/night and your basic discounts might only take 10 bucks off. For employees, we can stay at any of the hotels within the chain for 55/night – that’s basically breaking even so the hotel makes enough to pay employees etc but that’s it. We have a guy that stays every week (literally) and the business he works for pays for the room (extended stay), because we can book him that room for an entire month, he has a rate of like 45/night – and he gets kinda treated as a VIP. You ask us while we make the reservation if theres any way to get lower rate and if we’re desperate and low occupancy, changing a rate is as simple as click and type in a different price. Might only get you $20 off or so but considering WiFi and breakfast that sometimes can cost extra…consider that a nice thing.

  4. hannah

    I’ve worked at hotels/motels for the past 4 years. I moved to Charleston, South Carolina and became friends with a couple of the people in the neighbouring hotels in the area. I went to dinner with one of them one night, and she admitted that her boss uses her as a prostitute for the hotel as well. Not only does she get commission on her check for it, but she got to keep 30% of what they paid!!!

  5. Josh

    I was staying at a five-star palace property in India and rang the concierge asking if he could arrange to have a ‘hookah’ sent up to my room. Imagine my surprise when a ‘hooker’ arrived instead!

  6. Bob

    Not terribly surprised by #1 since there are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide. But what if she were your daughter? Stop the madness in this world. International Justice Mission…

    • Dennis Schaal


      The mistreatment is horrendous. Thanks for raising awareness.

      • John Smith

        Remember kids, always make sure your hookers come fair trade certified.


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