Fantasy Interactive - Future of airline website

The airline website of the future – A concept design [VIDEO]

Travel websites are constantly improving, be it in their look and feel, response time, or add-on services.

Airline websites and other sites selling flights face a unique challenge, as fares and inventory change in the blink of an eye.

Apart from the content, inventory, and pricing, travel brands have many other things to take care of in their website, including page load time, design concept, uniformity through all pages of the site, and color palette — as well as reducing the bounce rate, improving “stickiness”, increasing the conversion rate, and more.

Fantasy Interactive, a digital design agency, has come up with a concept design of an airline site of the future.

Fantasy Interactive - Future of airline website

The two-minute video (embedded below) highlights the smooth operation of the site, map-based flight search, structuring the flow/content, cross-selling services, focusing on non-core sections like trip inspiration.

The site is visually driven rather than text-driven. It’s an online consultant rather than an order taker.

Finally the site is able to perform all of the above operations (including check-in and other day-of-travel services) in a seamless flow.

The design is impressive; it would work wonders if all websites were THIS responsive and hassle-free in usage.

The company has executed this concept after a thorough study of all the major airline websites for their information architecture, including their visual and interaction design. FI says it’s about time to redesign airline websites in order to boost direct bookings. (Why pay commission to OTAs instead?)

Interestingly, the 14-year old company doesn’t have any sales department. Its belief is that its work should speak for itself. And, in this case, the work certainly does.

Related: Recently Cleartrip explained to Tnooz about its massive website redesign project.

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Karthick Prabu

About the Writer :: Karthick Prabu

Karthick was general manager for Tnooz in Asia until September 2014.



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  1. digitak poin8

    These is so much to learn from here especially for struggling we designers like me. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Web design company

    Oh my! This article is absolutely great! These is so much to learn from here especially for struggling we designers like me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Smith

    “the 14-year old company doesn’t have any sales department”

    Exactly the problem with selling on the internet for airlines or many other travel products. Wonderful IT, functionality, design and “seamless” transactions, all designed by developers creating their own art and not by salesmen or marketing men who have spent hours “on the other side of the desk” with real potential customers

    Do you think Apple, Coca Cola, BMW, Nestle and many others think they have no need for a sales department as long as their product designs and functionality “speaks for itself”?

    People who want to know “the cheapest flight to Bangkok and how many bags can I carry” don’t want to go on a world wide web tour, even if it wins awards!

  4. Larry Smith

    I think the visual and interaction design are stunningly great.

    Understandably, because it’s a generic demo, it lacks any of the unique branding a specific airline might want to show.

    Unfortunately, the demo simply paints a new face of standard functionality found on online travel booking sites, but without the display of multiple price points, so it will never be a one-stop shop.

    It also does not break any new ground with some of the true value a customer would really desire to make it truly sticky, for example:
    – on a given route, what are the departure and on-time arrival statistics?
    – what is the typical capacity of the flight – is it always full?
    – what type of plane and configuration?
    – what amenities such as wifi and entertainment?
    – how often are bags lost on this route?
    – what is the likelihood of rebooking a connection on this route it the inbound is late?

    Yes, I know a million reasons an airline would not want to share this information in the booking process, but it’s no less important because customers want it — and customers might even be gamed into pay more for certain routes/flights when informed on the realities of what they’re buying.

  5. Web design company

    Cool website designs… Nice collection and got some inspiration for my current work. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Nick

    I stumbled on this last week and had a few of my own thoughts around the airline website. I added this post to our blog unpacking what I see are some fundamental misunderstandings the design shows. It’s beautiful, but the travel industry probably isn’t 100% ready for this yet. My post was written to the lay person, detailing some of the complexities of travel:

  7. Sivaram

    Many thanks Karthick, this is just awesome and fi guys have done incredible job of visual appeal and experience. This gets into my watchlist.


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