Tnooz won an award

Having spent many an hour over the past two years discussing the often daft state of the awards business in the travel industry, it’s odd to be on the receiving end of one.

Tnooz won Online Travel Trade Publication of the Year at the British Travel Press Awards this week, beating off competition from the likes of Travel Weekly (UK), Travel Trade Gazette, ABTN and AERBT.

The prize was one of 20 accolades given out at the winners’ ceremony in London, an event created a few years back to recognise excellence in journalism, broadcasting and photography in both business and consumer-focused travel media.

Not much else to say really, except it’s very satisfying on behalf of the team, after two years of extremely hard work, to be recognised by the industry which Tnooz writes about every day.

The Nodes, Dennis Schaal and Linda Fox, with Gene Quinn and his guys behind the scenes, thoroughly deserve this.

But to repeat the words of The West Wing’s President Bartlet: “What’s next?”

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. amit

    sorry for the time travel… (actually just activated feedly and got an update from travelling afoot on top…didn’t totally scan the post…and here i am…a delay of over an year)….anyway wishes for ‘the next!’

  2. amit

    as was expected! congrats tnooz. congrats kevin!

  3. Nelieta

    Congratulations! A great and informative site for travellers!

  4. tourism consulting

    Many Congratulations to all Tnooz members for this Golden success.
    Keep it up the Good Work.

  5. Brittany Laughlin

    Congrats- Tnooz is a daily to-do for us! Keep up the good work!

  6. Happy Hotelier

    See? The little smile on the avatar did it;-)

    And the hard work off course. Congrats to all!

  7. Ellen

    Congrats to all – I really enjoy your site & articles, and am glad you are getting well deserved positive recognition for jobs well done.

  8. Roberto Da Re

    Well done to the whole team .. Best in travel tech by a large margin!

  9. Pedro Colaco

    Congrats. Next one: the Pulitzer!

  10. Deborah Gallin

    Well done, TNOOZ.

    Now we’ll just set the bar–and expectations– a bit higher.

  11. Joel Frey


  12. Michal

    Well done, Kevin, well deserved.

  13. Greg Turley

    Congratulations & respect Kevin, Linda & Gene, I always knew you were the best, that why we advertised with you, rates will probably go up now ! well done and keep up the great work. Greg

  14. Tamara

    Huge congratulations Kevin – you deserve it – could have put a smile on for the pic tho??

  15. Alun Williams

    Nice one Kevin, thoroughly deserved, Tnooz always on the money.

  16. Douglas Quinby

    Congratulations! Well deserved indeed!

  17. Michelle

    I’m a new reader but have enjoyed you site (my two favourite things in the world travel and tech!) and the award is well deserved from what I have read so far. Congratulations!

  18. Travis

    Congrats Kevin and the tnooz team… you guys fully deserve the award… keep it up!

  19. Martino Matijevic

    Congrats!! Well deserverd! I read Tnooz on daily basis and even if the BTPA did not give you this recognition, the loyalty of readers like me is your biggest achievement.

  20. Jeroen Beelen

    Congrats to all involved. Love the way you and your site keep me up to date on what’s going on in the travel business. Love Travel. Love Tech. Love the combination! Cheers.

  21. Chris Clarkson

    Congrats and well deserved!

    Disappointed you didn’t go for the t-shirt tux 🙂

  22. Charlotte Davies

    One of many I am sure! Not that the award changes what we all knew already. Tnooz is the must read online travel trade web site.
    Congratulations all.

  23. eac craig

    Well deserved – Tnooz is THE key resource for my Digital Marketing MBA students. Bravo Tnooz Team

  24. Heddi Cundle

    Huge congrats Kevin and team – woot de woot de woot!!!

  25. Mark

    🙂 Congrats Kev and team, lots of hard work. Well done.

  26. Chadwick Horn

    Congrats, Kevin! Tnooz def. deserves that and a lot more!


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