Tourism board uses vehicle recognition tech to target affluent travellers

What better way to get the attention of potential visitors to a destination than when they are stuck behind a wheel in road traffic, at one of London’s busy junctions?

Sure, outdoor ads have been sited next to such hotspots all around the world for decades.

But what if the creative on the ad changes depending on the type of driver in the vehicle?

That’s the idea behind a new campaign from Bermuda Tourism, after it teamed up with the Media Agency Group to come up with a way of getting eyeballs on a new promotion for the Caribbean island.

When drivers are held at traffic lights that are controlling the junction in West London, a camera on the billboard scans the number (license) plate on the vehicle.

It then instantly identifies the make and model of the car and changes the digital display of the ad to, basically, reflect the apparent wealth of the driver.

Bermuda, given its distance from the UK and quality of hotels, is exactly not a cheap destination to get to – thus the target audience.

The personalised messages are activated when cars valued at more than £40,000 (i.e. pretty expensive), and which are less than four years old.

John Kehoe, managing director of MAG, says the campaign highlights the “truly versatile nature of digital out of home advertising and the incredible potential that new technologies and innovations carry for the industry as a whole”.

“Bermuda required a campaign that delivered minimum wastage and maximum relevance – by tapping into vehicle recognition tech we’ve been able to target an ideal audience and ensure that they are served with personalised, effective advertising messages.”

The image recognition software only matches the vehicle make and model, rather than the registered owner’s details (which are not available).

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