Traveller types based on social media and technology habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is there a correlation between how consumers use mobile phones or embrace social media channels such as Twitter and the type of traveller they are and trips they prefer taking?

Of course there is, but to what degree?

Expedia Media Solutions, the advertising unit of the global online travel agency, has analysed nearly 40,000 trips to find out, segmenting traveller types into eight categories, such as “pro passenger”, “sunset explorer” and “techie aficionado”.

Here is an infographic of the results and analysis [click for larger version):

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Shruti Batra

    Interesting info graph indeed. What needs to be seen is that how travel companies can use this new level of segmentation for creating differentiated and customized products.

  2. Matt Shiells-Jones

    Yup, just as I thought…. Another segmentation of travel industry and hospitality, and another segmentation that gets me totally wrong…answer the questions and follow the squiggly lines, only to find tha the demographic assigned to me is older than me, earns more than me, uses social networks more than me and generally does not suit me at all. Even changing answers to the questions leads me to conclude that either I am not true to myself or this is inaccurate.

    I go for the latter.

    Whilst I understand the analysis etc and the potential benefit to this segmentation of the travellers/bookers, there is nothing that can encapsulate everyone. I a a luxury traveller with discerning tastes, but a salary of less than average in the UK so am difficult to compartmentalise anyway, but hey, I am just a cynic after all I suppose!

  3. Colleen Moo King

    Very interesting. thanks for sharing this.
    Colelen Moo King
    Travel Syndication Technology.

  4. Greg Abbott

    Perhaps its just me since I’ve not had my eyes checked in some time and do wear corrective lenses… I really had to search then squint to catch the dotted lines mapping Q&A end point to traveler type. I’d suggest making it more clear. As for data, findings & fine print… what level vision am I expected to have to read the 1pt font? Sorry – just totally useless for me in this format.

    • Greg Abbott

      I was able to enlarge browser view & eventually read… perhaps a premature rant on a monday….

      • Kevin May

        Kevin May

        @greg – our apologies. Have created a hi-res graphic now.

        Please click the ” click for larger version” again for the updated image.


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