TripAdvisor offers attractions content for partners

TripAdvisor and its tours and activities brand Viator are providing an attractions content tool to hotels and travel companies.

The technology enables the travel partners to offer local tours and experiences to customers via online and mobile channels with Viator’s providing the booking element.

The attractions content comes via an API which can be integrated into a hotel’s website, mobile app and email and hopefully drive incremental revenue for properties.

Up to now TripAdvisor partners could display attraction and activity content via an API but the enhancement means they can now enable customers to discover things to do locally in destinations.

According to a statement Radisson Blu, the first to use the content platform, has integrated it with its One Touch app.

The One Touch App, which runs on technology from mobile specialist Runtriz, will now provide hotel guests with reviews, ratings and photos for thousands of attractions listed on TripAdvisor as well as the ability to book many of them via Viator’s solution.

TripAdvisor points to its research showing that 67% of travellers use mobile devices to look for things while in a destination.

The reviews giant continues to push its attractions content in many directions with a recent site redesign giving “Things To Do” a more prominent position on the homepage, beside hotels, flights and other components.

Radisson Blu says the addition of tours and attractions is part of its strategy to provide “seamless experiences” to guests via its app such as contact with the front desk, mobile check-in and ordering room service.

The jury is out however on how much hotel guests want from a hotel app as well as whether they’ll be prepared to download different apps for all the different brands.

Recent research from the business travel segment shows about half of business travellers have had two apps from the major chains downloaded on their phones in the past year.

The apps are mostly used to check the status of hotel reservations and book stays but only about 25% of business travellers use them to discover restaurants or attractions.

Hotels will likely have more success with leisure travellers looking to explore an area but again many might be put be put off by having to download another app.

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