TripList is the latest app for making foolproof packing lists

New application TripList aims to help consumers create packing lists.

TripList joins a crowded field of packing-management apps, all of which hope to appeal to travelers who are ditching pen and paper for smart phones and tablets.

In this category, the paid-app leader is Packing Pro, but there are also free apps with lesser functionality like Pack the Bag.

All of these apps help users whip up foolproof packing lists by reminding them of commonly forgotten items, such as a night-light or a sun hat.

Once a traveler has a list, he or she can use the app to tick items, or share the list with other family members.

TripList, which comes in an iOS-only version for now, was built by Ryan Hartman of Enabled Apps. In 2010, Hartman created Airport Ace, which Tnooz spotlighted.

A key differentiator in the major packing-management apps is how they allow users to share and back-up information.

TripList is an innovator in being integrated with itinerary-management app TripIt and online storage solution DropBox. In comparison, Packing Pro lacks TripIt integration, meaning you can’t automatically pull in trip itinerary details when starting a fresh packing list. But Packing Pro does boast out-of-the-box iCloud sync across devices, which is more straightforward to use than DropBox or e-mail.

TripList can accommodate multiple lists, say for two spouses, without duplication, but an ability — at least in the iPad version — to swap lists and cross-check that items aren’t accidentally being duplicated.

Starting out of the gate TripList only has about 175 items to auto-suggest, compared with the 800 in Packing Pro, which currently costs the same price ($3).

To lure new customers, TripList is offering a free download to create one list of up to 25 items as a taster.

NB: Family vacation image via Shutterstock.

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Sean O'Neill

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Sean O’Neill had roles as a reporter and editor-in-chief at Tnooz between July 2012 and January 2017.



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  1. Seb

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to throw my new app Packtor into the discussion. 😉

    Packtor lets you easily create, manage, sync and share packing lists for all your trips. Check out the details here:

    Happy packing!

  2. Sean O'Neill

    Sean O'Neill

    I’m sure a packing list app isn’t for every demographic. I personally rely on the paper-based list posted at that’s free and is a helpful reminder of things I might forget for a particular location if I’m in a rush.

    Cost is also an interesting question. Is $3 too high of a price to pay for any of these type of apps?

  3. Sceptical corporate traveller

    ????? Duh?? It amazes me that anyone, particularly those who travel regularly, need anything like this. A quick mental tally finds that everything I need fits in about 4 categories and totals, at most, 20-30 items. Since I keep whole groups of them pre-arranged in their own containers (toiletries, IT accessories) packing is a trivial task – 10-15 mins or less.

  4. Dennis Schaal


    Hi, Scott,
    Thanks for your comment.
    Glad you are finding the TripList app useful, and that you’ve let other people know about it so they can benefit, too.

  5. Scott Hassel

    Ignore the authors obvious bias towards PP, Triplist is a better app…no doubt about it. I used PP and found it hard to use, not intuitive and kind of ugly.

    I like being able to quickly switch between users and everything seems to just flow in this app (Triplist). I also don’t want a list of 800 items that I WONT use, I would rather have a list I cn customize easily. I think the graphics are much better for Trip List as well.


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