Virgin entertainment system offers passenger movie ratings

Virgin Atlantic’s first Airbus A330-300 aircraft, which took its inaugural flight several days ago, features an in-flight entertainment system with two touchscreens and a “like” button of sorts to ascertain passengers’ movie opinions.

The Jam system from Panasonic enables passengers to vote their sentiments via a thumbs up or thumbs down on movies they view.

The airline says it will take these opinions into account when screening movies on the in-flight entertainment system.

And, you don’t have to wait until your next flight to find out the results.

Results of the thumbs up or thumbs down votes are displayed onboard so other passengers can heed or discard the advice of other travelers when picking flicks to watch.

No word yet whether or not Virgin can track the thumbs up and thumbs down votes Facebook-style.

One of the whiz-bang things about the new entertainment system — Virgin characterizes it as a first — is that Premium Economy passengers get a remote control handset, which has a touchscreen.


“Easy and intuitive to use, passengers can use it to do two things at once, such as follow the moving map system without having to stop the movie they are watching on the main screen,” Virgin says.

The airline says the main screen seems like “a tablet touchscreen entertainment screen.”

“Passengers can swipe across screens, scroll through text and instantly jump around the system, with a touch of a fingertip, using the sharpest graphics and full-scale screen animations,” the airline adds.


The main screens also accommodate mobile devices.

Premium Economy passengers can plug in mobile devices to play music and videos and to view photos and documents, the airline says, while all passengers will be able to insert a USB into the main screen to view their own content.

Virgin Atlantic is slated to take delivery of 10 A330 aircraft over the next two years and the airline hopes passengers will be jamming with the Jam systems onboard.

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  1. Bendos71

    Wouldn’t it be even better if they extended the thumbs-up/down functionality to rate the entire inflight experience?

    Great way for them to capture data and monitor levels of service by route, aircraft type, class, meal cycle etc.

    Interesting also that a number aircraft in this new A330 fleet won’t be fitted with Upper Class.


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