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What Else? TripFab finally launches, Gogo swims, Triptrotting activities, Reevoo poll, MSC Facebook

What else is going on in the world of travel tech? A round-up of other stories from across the industry…

  • Gogo is getting ocean-going. The airline-WiFi provider says it will partner with AeroSat, which will provide its Ku-satellite solution, enabling Gogo to provide airline partners with wireless service outside the US, including for transoceanic routes beginning in the fourth quarter of 2012. “Ku is the here and now satellite technology and will allow us to service airline clients who want an overseas solution today,” says Michael Small, Gogo CEO. “However, in many cases we see this a a bridge technology that will allow us to offer overseas service until Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka satellite service is available.” Here’s a brief look at Ka-band versus Ku-band satellite technology.
  • Triptrotting added a social-activities search feature, enabling members to pinpoint activities such as walking tours, parties and trips to various destinations with like-minded travelers and locals. The activities are based on users’ preferences and can be viewed by location, date, time and price. The addition of the social-activities search was part of a broader redesign of the site.
  • Reevoo research on 1,000 consumers shows shopping and research on Facebook has increased 40% in a year with the majority of users on the social network using it to research purchase or seek recommendations from friends. The study also shows travel and buying a car are the sectors that rely on user-generated content the most with almost a third of consumers always reading reviews when booking travel. The research also shows shopping via mobile devices has increased from 38% to 46% in a year.
  • MSC Cruises is seeking to create buzz around the launch of MSC Divina with a Facebook competition.  MSC Cruises’ fans have to upload an image that captures what the Mediterranean is all about to win a trip for two on board the new ship.
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  1. Bob

    Who is going to pay for my soiled undies?

  2. Marc Mathes

    I had the exact same issue!
    I heard about this start up a couple of months ago and though I felt the need very hesitant about it (specially from the terrible responses its CEO provides) I still wanted to check it out…

    There is no way (or none that I found) to narrow searches down and when I was searching for an specific place (I have been to Costa Rica so I want to look places I knew) They just didn’t show up…I thought that perhaps they were not on their database but then I saw them while browsing manually, which means there is no search capability (or it wasn’t working)…

    Also, for a company that wanted to make the travel industry soil their pants they had a pretty quiet launch, don’t they have marketing people? Advertising budget? Even their twitter is quiet as a mouse…

    Oh and their blog is down….

    • Heddi Cundle

      Well, Marc, doing a start up is such an exhausting job that I give the benefit of the doubt re a few bugs. But, it’s not hard to tweet for 1 hour a day, maybe they didn’t know their blog was down but now they’ll fix it (yay) but to have Costa Rica as the only destination is a bit odd. It’s like launching a travel booking portal that only flies from Des Moines to Calgary on Tuesday! I’ve not filled my knickers yet but then again, I’m more confused than ‘Ah, I get the long term picture’ part. I’m a big believer of being so passionate I’ll tell everyone my start up http://www.mytab.co is the best because it is, it’s original and getting serious traffic. But i’d not launch my company blowing my own trumpet and then ONLY allow men called John to gift gals called Jane $10 travel cash and no one else. I’ll get the popcorn and lets see what happens next with these guys…

    • Michael La Rosa CEO @ TripFab


      Thanks for feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to write this and actually giving a crap.

      There were a ton of bugs, but maybe check now and things should be working a little better. It was a quiet launch because – well, we didn’t want to fuck it up too bad and we would have rather screwed up quietly than loudly. 🙂 Building software is hard.

  3. Heddi Cundle

    I just checked out TripFab and not sure how it’s a revolutionary idea when I typed in Costa Rica (only option location) and it bought back 1146 activities. Yep there’s a breakdown to the left of this by category but gosh, 289 restaurants to choose from when I don’t know where to start because I don’t know Costa Rica. I know start ups are so hard to get going so I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and love to hear what they’re doing that’s making it easier – instead of saturating me with information that I just have no idea how to filter.


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