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When April Fool’s Day jokes go wrong – Tripping upsets Golden Gate Bridge officials

Some have wondered if 2013 was one of the dullest years ever for April Fool’s Day pranks – the novelty wearing off a bit and various public holidays meaning fewer people were around to read them.

But since Monday it has now emerged at least one victim of a travel-related April Fool joke didn’t find it funny at all: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Vacation rental sharing and trip planning service Tripping (original TLabs from 2010 here) wrote a blog post suggesting the bridge would soon be closed to pedestrians and cyclists.

“Government officials were reluctant to comment but after days of pestering phone calls every 20 minutes around the clock, we got a few words: ‘Last year we had someone blown right off the bridge. That’s when we started thinking about small changes we could make to increase public safety’.”

But in turns out bosses at the bridge were not amused.

Being a sensible startup and not wanting to upset the operators of California’s iconic landmark, Tripping has now clarified the non-closure with readers.

Founder Jen O’Neal says:

“Yes, the Golden Gate Bridge is open to foot and bike traffic. Nicolas Cage does not have poisonous gas missiles stored on Alcatraz. And the Bay Lights installation is definitely not an elaborate North Korean signalling device. But Rice-A-Roni is still the San Francisco treat and this is one of the best cities in the world to visit.”

Thank goodness AFD only comes around once a year.

NB: Golden Gate image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Heddi Cundle

    Hysterical! Good for Tripping and Jen to rock the boat a bit…on the Bay. 🙂

  2. Martino @ WhichBudget

    We are still waiting for Ryanair to tell us off (or, rather, to tell us to f*off) for telling fibs about them buying us (www.whichbudget.com/blog/en/press/1527-ryanair-buys-whichbudget-flight-search-engine). We thought it was clear this was an April Fool joke, but I still had my Dad and our Office Manager falling for it!

  3. Jen

    Thanks for writing about Tripping and our AFD blog post. We honestly never thought people would fall for it. The folks at the Golden Gate Bridge have been great and hopefully this inspires travelers and locals alike to walk across the bridge.


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