Why user generated travel videos continually trump the professionals [VIDEO]

Where the Hell is Matt? illustrated wonderfully how a germ of an idea from a traveller or consumer could become a global sensation in terms of inspiring travel content on the web.

While no-one has quite captured the imagination as much as the Matt series over the past few years, many others have come close, not least the fabulous Christophe Rehage time-lapse effort from 2009.

But every time one of these user generated travel videos comes along, travel brands must kick themselves that either they didn’t come up with the idea, or figure out a way to reach such creative people whilst they are travelling and work alongside them.

Travellers could always do with the extra cash, right?

Perhaps the brands most guilty of not seizing the opportunity or lacking in creativity are the destination guides – why someone at any of those giants didn’t see the Where the Hell is Matt? clip back in 2006 and establish a partnership is beyond comprehension, especially given that Matt Harding happily signed a deal with a chewing gum brand as a sponsor for subsequent clips.

So, be warned, travel brands – consumers are seemingly far more creative than your marketing or social media people (combined?), so try and work with them, instead of struggling to reach them with your own, often inferior efforts.

Here is the latest user-driven travel clip seemingly sweeping all before it:

UPDATE: It turns out this latest clip was supported by STA Travel. So someone has been listening.

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Andrea

    Great, inspirational video and good perspective on how organic travel and consumer videos make a real impact. It’s been great to see some travel and consumer product brands engage with some of these ‘travel celebs’ like Visa and Spirit Gum’s sponsorship of ‘Where the Hell is Matt.’ I think more travel companies are listening than suspected.


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