Yapta launches iPhone app for airfare tracking and refund grabbing

If you want to get push notifications on your smartphone when airfares drop on particular routes or when the price falls on a flight you’ve already booked, Yapta’s new iPhone app may come in handy.

The Yapta mobile app appeared in the iTunes store today, and Yapta’s official announcement about it is coming Nov. 28, after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the US.



If you are slated to travel over the holiday weekend, you might be able to use the app and get a headstart.

If you already booked your flight and the airfare drops, then the Yapta app will notify you if you are eligible for a credit from the airline.

A lot of people are unaware that airlines hand out credits in such scenarios.

After installing the app, you can specify whether the flight you want tracked is one-way, roundtrip or multi-city and then Yapta will keep tabs on the price variations and notify you if a credit is in order.

You can also monitor airfares and availability to figure out when to book a flight, Yapta says.

The app states that you can monitor hotel price drops, as well, but that functionality didn’t appear to be active yet.

Meanwhile, Yapta has been making a corporate travel push and released a YouTube video informing travel managers how the Yapta service can help them cover their butts and save their companies $28 per itinerary on average.

The video’s language isn’t fit for Sunday school, and in a light-hearted way shows travel managers how Yapta feels their pain.


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Dennis Schaal

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  1. J. Martin

    I see the humor in it. And there’s nothing I haven’t seen or heard on cable TV before. Actually makes a dry topic more colorful.

  2. jackal

    What’s with the gratuitous use of bad language? No point to it. Kind of offensive, actually, and certainly doesn’t make me respect the brand. (I used to.)

  3. Jonathan

    Hmm is it just me, or is this video in poor taste? Seems like they were trying a bit hard to be controversial.

    Marketing is all about finding your voice. Is this really the voice they want to speak with?


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